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  2. Times New Roman - Wikipedia

    Tinos. Times New Roman is a serif typeface. It was commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in 1931 and conceived by Stanley Morison, the artistic adviser to the British branch of the printing equipment company Monotype, in collaboration with Victor Lardent, a lettering artist in The Times's advertising department.

  3. Liberation fonts - Wikipedia

    These fonts are metrically compatible with the most popular fonts on the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office software package (Monotype Corporation's Arial, Arial Narrow, Times New Roman and Courier New, respectively), for which Liberation is intended as a free substitute. The fonts are default in LibreOffice.

  4. List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia

    Typefaces only shipped with Microsoft Office or other Microsoft applications are not included. The "Included from" column indicates the first edition of Windows in which the font was included. Typeface

  5. Times (New Roman) are changing: How fonts help accessibility

    Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department announced it would be switching its standard typeface from Times New Roman to Calibri — a switch that ruffled some feathers. Accessibility played a ...

  6. Georgia (typeface) - Wikipedia

    The New York Times changed its standard font from Times New Roman to Georgia in 2007. Georgia is a "Scotch Roman", a style that originated in types sold by Scottish type foundries of Alexander Wilson and William Miller in the period of 1810–1820. According to Thomas Curson Hansard, these were cut by London-based punchcutter Richard Austin.

  7. STIX Fonts project - Wikipedia

    The STIX Fonts project or Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX), is a project sponsored by several leading scientific and technical publishers to provide, under royalty-free license, a comprehensive font set of mathematical symbols and alphabets, intended to serve the scientific and engineering community for electronic and print publication.

  8. Core fonts for the Web - Wikipedia

    Core fonts for the Web was a project started by Microsoft in 1996 to create a standard pack of fonts for the World Wide Web.It included the proprietary fonts Andalé Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana and Webdings, all of them in TrueType font format packaged in executable files (".exe") for Microsoft Windows and in ...

  9. Calibri - Wikipedia

    2002–2005. Date released. 2007. License. Proprietary. Metrically compatible with. Carlito. Calibri ( / kəˈliːbri /) is a digital sans-serif typeface family in the humanist or modern style. It was designed by Luc (as) de Groot in 2002–2004 and released to the general public in 2007, with Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista.

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    related to: microsoft times new roman font download free