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  2. Center for the Army Profession and Ethic - Wikipedia

    Center for the Army Profession and Ethic. To reinforce the Army profession and its Ethic, the Army Chief of Staff (CSA) established the Army Center of Excellence for the Professional Military Ethic (ACPME) in May 2008. Located at West Point, New York, the wellspring of professional soldier values for more than 200 years, the ACPME was re ...

  3. Professional Military Education - Wikipedia

    Professional Military Education ( PME) is the professional training, development, and schooling of military personnel. It encompasses many schools, universities, and training programs designed to foster leadership in military service members.

  4. The Soldier and the State - Wikipedia

    The military profession requires that military officers fulfill its duties to its country by compliance with political officials running the state and government. It is the responsibility of the military to provide the public good of common defense since it acts as an agent to the principal government and citizenry.

  5. Joint Professional Military Education - Wikipedia

    Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) is a form of Professional Military Education (PME) in the United States that emphasizes a multiservice approach. [1] Joint Professional Military Education was established following greater awareness during World War II of a need for effective cooperation between the branches of the United States armed forces. [2] While some institutions had ...

  6. Enlisted Professional Military Education - Wikipedia

    Enlisted Professional Military Education. All branches of the United States Armed Forces use the general term Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) to describe the formal system of education which each branch provides to its enlisted personnel. Each branch has its own system and sequence of courses, with the overall focus on ...

  7. Airman Leadership School - Wikipedia

    Airman Leadership School ( ALS) is a 24 duty day (5 week) United States Air Force program designed to develop airmen into effective front-line supervisors. It is the first professional military education that enlisted Air Force members encounter. [1] ALS focuses on developing leadership abilities, the profession of arms, and building effective ...

  8. 19 professional athletes who have served in the military - AOL

    19 professional athletes who have served in the military. You know them from their careers on the field, but you may not have known that they also served in the nation's military. SEE ALSO: Steve ...

  9. Sam C. Sarkesian - Wikipedia

    Sam Charles Sarkesian [1] (November 7, 1927 – September 26, 2011) was a prominent scholar of civil-military relations and national security, who published numerous books and articles concerning various topics in these areas. He was also a member of the military, serving in Korea and Vietnam.