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  2. Multimedia University - Wikipedia

    The eBee. Website. www .mmu .edu .my. The Multimedia University ( Malay: Universiti Multimedia; abbreviated as MMU ), is a private research university in Cyberjaya and Melaka in Malaysia. Founded in 1997, it is the first private university within Malaysia and is a member of The Alliance of Government Linked Universities (GLU).

  3. List of universities in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Universiti Putra Malaysia [21] UPM. 1931 (as School of Agriculture) Research university. Serdang, Selangor (main campus) Bintulu, Sarawak (branch campus) [13] Islamic Science University of Malaysia. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia [22] USIM.

  4. Malay Peninsula - Wikipedia

    Malay Peninsula. /  7.000°N 100.000°E  / 7.000; 100.000. The Malay Peninsula [a] is a peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia. The landmass runs approximately north–south, and at its terminus, it is the southernmost point of the Asian continental mainland. The area contains Peninsular Malaysia, Southern Thailand, and the southernmost tip ...

  5. INTI International University - Wikipedia

    INTI International University is a private university located in Malaysia. The main campus was initially known as INTI University College until 31 May 2010 when the Higher Education Ministry announced its upgrade to university status. It is owned by INTI Education Group, which formalised its partnership with Laureate International Universities ...

  6. Indonesia–Malaysia relations - Wikipedia

    Most of the current borders of Malaysia and Indonesia were inherited from Dutch East Indies and, British Malaya and Borneo colonial rule. The border between the two countries consists of a 1,881 km (1,169 m) land border and also includes maritime boundaries along the Straits of Malacca, in the South China Sea and in the Celebes Sea.

  7. Federation of Malaya - Wikipedia

    The Federation of Malaya ( Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Melayu; Jawi: ڤرسكوتوان تانه ملايو ), more commonly known as Malaya, was a country of what previously had been the Malayan Union and more previously, British Malaya. It comprised eleven states – nine Malay states and two of the Straits Settlements, Penang and Malacca.

  8. Demographics of Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Malaysia's population, according to the 2010 census, is 28,334,000 including non-citizens, which makes it the 42nd most populated country in the world. [1] Of these, 5.72 million live in East Malaysia and 22.5 million live in Peninsular Malaysia. [2] The population distribution is uneven, with some 79% of its citizens concentrated in Peninsular ...

  9. Malay Indonesians - Wikipedia

    Malay Indonesians ( Malay / Indonesian: Orang Melayu Indonesia; Jawi: اورڠ ملايو ايندونيسيا ‎) are ethnic Malays living throughout Indonesia. They are one of the indigenous peoples of the country. [5] Indonesian, the national language of Indonesia, is a standardized form of Riau Malay.