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  2. National conventions for writing telephone numbers - Wikipedia

    A typical mobile phone number is written as 01M-XXX YYYY or 01M-XXXYYYY. Toll-free and local charge numbers are written as 1-800-XX-YYYY and 1-300-XX-YYYY respectively, while premium rate numbers are written as 600-XX-YYYY. Pakistan. Telephone numbers in Pakistan have two parts. Area codes in Pakistan are from two to five digits long; the ...

  3. Non-geographic telephone numbers in the United Kingdom

    The 0500 number range will be withdrawn during 2017, with users migrated to 0808 5 numbers. Major mobile phone operators went through a period of charging callers to dial most freephone numbers from around 2005 onwards - but this practice largely ceased on 1 July 2015 as 0800 and 0808 numbers became universally free to call from mobiles and ...

  4. Toll-free telephone number - Wikipedia

    In India, the toll-free prefix is "1800", followed by a six or seven digit number. Free if calling from a mobile phone or a land line. The "1860" prefix followed by seven digits is used for local-rate numbers. The calling party pays the local rate and the called party pays long-distance call charges (if any).

  5. Telephone directory - Wikipedia

    A telephone directory, commonly called a telephone book, telephone address book, phone book, or the white and yellow pages, is a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory. Its purpose is to allow the telephone number of a subscriber identified by ...

  6. Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    07xxx xxx xxx—mobile phones and WiFi numbers. Individual mobile phone companies are allocated different ranges within the 073xx, 074xx, 075xx, 07624, 077xx, 078xx and 079xx area codes. Changes to mobile phone numbers in the Big Number Change were mostly straight replacements, such as Vodafone customers on the 0378 block became 07778.

  7. Cell Phone Freedom Act - Wikipedia

    The Cell Phone Freedom Act (formally An Act respecting the locking of cellular telephones) was a private member's bill proposed twice to the Parliament of Canada which would have required mobile phone providers remove the SIM lock from devices once a customer reaches the end of their contract. It was first introduced on June 17, 2010 in the ...

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    related to: mobile phone number search 5402800648 free public records no charge state