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  2. Media player - Wikipedia

    Look up media player, media, or player in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.: A media player could refer to: . Media player software, software that plays digital media; Digital media player, home appliances that play digital media

  3. Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service - Wikipedia

    Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBMS) is a point-to-multipoint interface specification for existing 3GPP cellular networks, which is designed to provide efficient delivery of broadcast and multicast services, both within a cell as well as within the core network.

  4. Hypermedia - Wikipedia

    Hypermedia, an extension of the term hypertext, is a nonlinear medium of information that includes graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks.This designation contrasts with the broader term multimedia, which may include non-interactive linear presentations as well as hypermedia.

  5. Multimedia over Coax Alliance - Wikipedia

    The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is an international standards consortium that publishes specifications for networking over coaxial cable.The technology was originally developed to distribute Internet Protocol television in homes using existing wiring, but is now used as a general-purpose Ethernet link where it is inconvenient or undesirable to replace existing coaxial cable with more ...

  6. LMMS - Wikipedia

    LMMS (formerly Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a digital audio workstation application program.When LMMS is executed on a computer with appropriate hardware, it allows music to be produced by arranging samples, synthesizing sounds, playing on a MIDI keyboard, and combining the features of trackers and sequencers.

  7. Buffer underrun - Wikipedia

    Multimedia playback. If the framebuffer of the graphics controller is not updated, the picture of the computer screen will appear to hang until the buffer receives new data. Many video player programs (e.g. MPlayer) feature the ability to drop frames if the system is overloaded, intentionally allowing a buffer underrun to keep up the tempo.