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  2. AOL Mail for Verizon secure connection requirements

    To help ensure you have a secure connection while accessing 3rd party email applications, you'll need to update your connection settings. These instructions will walk you through the steps on most applications, however, if yours isn't on the list you'll need to contact manufacturer for more info. To continue using AOL Mail for Verizon through ...

  3. Turn on or off vacation response in New AOL Mail

    1. Click on the Settings icon | select More settings. 2. Click Vacation response. 3. Toggle on or off Enable vacation response. 4. Select the dates you want it active. 5. Enter your response message. 6. Click Save. Turn on another response for specific domains. 1. Toggle on or off Add another response. 2. Enter up to 2 domains (like or ...

  4. Manage conversations in New AOL Mail - AOL Help

    This also makes it easier to find certain emails and reduces clutter in your Inbox. Turn Conversations on or off. 1. Click the Settings icon | click More settings. 2. Click Viewing email. 3. Toggle Group by conversations on or off . Delete a single email or a full conversation. 1. Click on the conversation where the email is located. 2.

  5. Update account info in POP3 email applications - AOL

    No matter what application or software you use, the POP sever and port settings will be the same. Just make sure SSL is enabled and you use your full email address, including Server Settings. Port Settings. Incoming mail server (POP3): Outgoing mail server (SMTP): POP3-995-SSL.

  6. AOL Mail secure connection settings requirement - AOL Help

    AOL Mail secure connection settings requirement If you're having trouble connecting to AOL Mail through a third-party app, you may need to update your settings. Learn how to update...

  7. Overview of Verizon's move to AOL Mail - AOL Help

    In 2017 Verizon made a shift in the way their customers would access email. Instead of going through a Verizon mail service, all users would need to migrate over to another mail service like AOL or Yahoo. To help Verizon customers through the process, we've put together a selection of commonly asked questions.

  8. Add, edit, or disable your signature in New AOL Mail

    Personalize all your new and reply emails with your address, phone, website, or other info. 1. Click the Settings Menu icon | select More Settings. 2. Click Writing email. 2. Click the Toggle button to enable or disable a signature for your email address. 3. Enter or edit your signature in the text box.