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  3. Use and development of software for COVID-19 pandemic ...

    Various kinds of software have been developed and used for mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic.These include mobile apps for contact tracing and notifications about infection risks, digital passports verifying one's vaccination status, software for enabling – or improving the effectiveness of – lockdowns and social distancing in general, Web software for the creation of related information ...

  4. Vaccine passports during the COVID-19 pandemic - Wikipedia

    v. t. e. A vaccine passport or proof of vaccination is an immunity passport employed as a credential in countries and jurisdictions as part of efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic via vaccination. A vaccine passport is typically issued by a government or health authority, and usually consists of a digital or printed record.

  5. Ella Gifft - Wikipedia

    Ella Gifft. Ella Gifft, also Ella Gift, was a Black entrepreneur and suffragist from the US Virgin Islands, who founded the Suffragist League and was one of the first women to register to vote in the territory. Gifft also smuggled alcohol into the territory during the prohibition era, activity which is remembered in the folk song "Over the Side".

  6. List of islands of Perth, Western Australia - Wikipedia

    Perth, Western Australia hosts a variety of unique and biologically diverse habitats found nowhere else on Earth. Many of these habitats include islands. Islands provide habitat and safe refuge for endangered native fauna as they are free of invasive species and the pressures of human development.

  7. Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/Featured log/October 2010

    Giants2008 ( 27 and counting) 22:11, 10 October 2010 (UTC) Done, have altered the first and third of that sequence. Harrias talk 22:25, 10 October 2010 (UTC) Support – Note that I fixed a grammatical issue that likely related to the fix which was made.

  8. Portal:University of Oxford/Nominate/Did you know - Wikipedia

    Add the hooks to a subpage of this portal, such as Portal:University of Oxford/Did you know/#, replacing the "#" with the number above the current highest. For example, if 30 sets of hooks are in rotation, you would make the number of the page you are creating 31. Hooks should be in groups of five. Aim for variety within the groups, and move ...