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  2. Peter Shukoff - Wikipedia

    Peter Alexis Shukoff (born August 15, 1979), also known as Nice Peter or Bluesocks, is an American comedian, musician and Internet personality. A self-described "Comic/Guitar Hero", he is best known for the comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter, and especially for the comedic series Epic Rap Battles of History.

  3. UNIT - Wikipedia

    The 1970 serial Inferno sees the Third Doctor visit a parallel universe. In this reality, Great Britain is a fascist republic, where the Royal Family was executed for treason in 1943, as depicted in the novel I, Alastair; the novel also shows that this universe's version of the Doctor was an associate of Oswald Mosley, and eventually became leader of the country following the downfall of the ...

  4. Thomas Malory - Wikipedia

    Identity. Most of what is known about Malory stems from the accounts describing him in the prayers found in the Winchester Manuscript of Le Morte d'Arthur.He is described as a "knyght presoner", distinguishing him from six other candidates also bearing the name Thomas Malory in the 15th century when Le Morte d'Arthur was written.

  5. Paul Samuelson - Wikipedia

    Paul Anthony Samuelson (May 15, 1915 – December 13, 2009) was an American economist.The first American to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, the Swedish Royal Academies stated, when awarding the prize in 1970, that he "has done more than any other contemporary economist to raise the level of scientific analysis in economic theory".