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  2. List of countries with universal health care - Wikipedia

    Africa Algeria. Algeria operates a public healthcare system. It is a universal healthcare system as well. A network of hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries provide treatment to the population, with the Social Security system funding health services, although many people must still cover part of their costs due to the rates paid by the Social Security system remaining unchanged since 1987.

  3. Social security in India - Wikipedia

    ESIC is a Statutory and an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Labour and Employment . For all employees earning ₹21,000 (US$260) or less per month as wages, the employer contributes 3.25% and the employee contributes 0.75%, total share 4%. ESI scheme is a type of social security scheme for employees in the organised sector.

  4. Labour government, 1964–1970 - Wikipedia,_1964–1970

    In an attempt to gain a workable majority in the House of Commons, Wilson called a new election for 31 March 1966, after which he formed the second Wilson ministry, a government which held office for four years until 1970. Labour Party won the 1964 general election by a majority of four seats. The Profumo affair had seriously damaged the ...

  5. Internal Security Act 1960 - Wikipedia

    Internal Security Act 1960. An Act to provide for the internal security of Malaysia, preventive detention, the prevention of subversion, the suppression of organized violence against persons and property in specified areas of Malaysia, and for matters incidental thereto. Emergency (Internal Security) (Modification of Laws) Ordinance 1969 ...

  6. New Frontier - Wikipedia

    The 1962 amendments to the Social Security Act authorized the federal government to reimburse states for the provision of social services. The School Lunch Act was amended for authority to begin providing free meals in poverty-stricken areas. A pilot food stamp program was launched (1961), covering six areas in the United States.

  7. Social Security (United States) - Wikipedia

    In the United States, Social Security is the commonly used term for the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance ( OASDI) program and is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). [1] The Social Security Act was passed in 1935, [2] and the existing version of the Act, as amended, [3] encompasses several social welfare ...

  8. Social Security Amendments of 1965 - Wikipedia

    The Social Security Amendments of 1965, Pub. L. 89–97, 79 Stat. 286, enacted July 30, 1965, was legislation in the United States whose most important provisions resulted in creation of two programs: Medicare and Medicaid. The legislation initially provided federal health insurance for the elderly (over 65) and for financially challenged families.

  9. Human rights in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    The protection of basic human rights is enshrined in Constitution of Malaysia. These include liberty of the person (Article 5) and prohibition of slavery and forced labour (Article 6). At the national level, legislative measures that exist to prevent human rights violations and abuses can be found in acts and laws on issues that either have a ...

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