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  2. 2020 Atlantic hurricane season - Wikipedia

    The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, surpassing a record previously set in 2005. The season featured a total of 31 tropical or subtropical cyclones, all but one of which became a named storm. Of the 30 named storms, 14 developed into hurricanes, and a record-tying seven further intensified ...

  3. Chinese space program - Wikipedia

    Plans currently include a permanent Chinese space station by the end of 2022, crewed expeditions to the Moon and interplanetary missions to explore the Solar System and beyond. Chinese officials have articulated long term ambitions to exploit Earth-Moon space for industrial development [1] and announced China's first landing of a reusable space ...

  4. List of crewed spacecraft - Wikipedia

    Uncrewed initial assembly 1998–2000. Continuously crewed since November 2000. As of June 2021, ISS has been visited by 102 crewed spacecraft (64 Soyuz, 35 Space Shuttle, and 4 Crew Dragon). The ISS is the largest space station yet constructed. Planned to operate until 2028, with a possible extension to 2030.

  5. Curiosity (rover) - Wikipedia

    Curiosity is a car -sized Mars rover designed to explore the Gale crater on Mars as part of NASA 's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission. Curiosity was launched from Cape Canaveral (CCAFS) on 26 November 2011, at 15:02:00 UTC and landed on Aeolis Palus inside Gale crater on Mars on 6 August 2012, 05:17:57 UTC.

  6. Comparison of Asian national space programs - Wikipedia

    The countries that have independently and successfully launched satellites into orbit include Japan (), China (), India (), Israel (), Iran (), and North Korea ().Of these six Asian agencies, three countries—China, India, and Japan—possess the ability to launch heavy payloads into geosynchronous orbits, launch multiple and recoverable satellites, deploy cryogenic engines, and operate ...

  7. Tianwen-1 - Wikipedia

    The Tianwen -1 mission was the second of three Martian exploration missions launched during the July 2020 window, after the United Arab Emirates Space Agency 's Hope orbiter, and before NASA 's Mars 2020 mission, which landed the Perseverance rover with the attached Ingenuity helicopter drone. Contents 1 Nomenclature 2 Earlier attempt

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    related to: nada 401k plan comparison 2020 models images free