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  2. General Schedule (US civil service pay scale) - Wikipedia

    The General Schedule ( GS) is the predominant pay scale within the United States civil service. The GS includes the majority of white collar personnel (professional, technical, administrative, and clerical) positions. As of September 2004, 71 percent of federal civilian employees were paid under the GS.

  3. Federal Salary Council - Wikipedia

    The Federal Salary Council (FSC) is an advisory body of the executive branch of the United States government. Established under the provisions of Title 5, section 5304 (e) of the United States Code, the FSC provides recommendations on the locality pay program, [1] created by the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (FEPCA).

  4. United States federal civil service - Wikipedia

    The United States federal civil service is the civilian workforce (i.e., non-elected and non-military public sector employees) of the United States federal government 's departments and agencies. The federal civil service was established in 1871 ( 5 U.S.C. § 2101 ). [1] U.S. state and local government entities often have comparable civil ...

  5. Government Employee Fair Treatment Act - Wikipedia

    The Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019 ( G.E.F.T.A.) is a United States federal law which requires retroactive pay and leave accrual for federal employees affected by the furlough as a result of the 2018–19 federal government shutdown and any future lapses in appropriations. [1] The Act is an amendment to the Anti-Deficiency Act ...

  6. Uniformed services pay grades of the United States - Wikipedia

    Schedule 8 - Pay of the Uniformed Services Part I--Monthly Basic Pay ($) (as of 1 January 2022) Pay Grade Years of service (computed under 37 U.S.C. 205) 2 or less Over 2 Over 3 Over 4 Over 6 Over 8 Over 10 Over 12 Over 14 Over 16 Over 18 Over 20 Over 22 Over 24 Over 26 Over 30 Over 34 Over 38 W-1 3,398.70 3,765.00 3,863.10 4,071.00

  7. Title 42 appointment - Wikipedia

    The number of Title 42 appointees increased by 25% from 2006 to 2010. There is a total pay cap of $275,000 for Title 42 appointees; about one-fifth of Title 42 appointments pay higher than $155,500 in 2010, which is equivalent to Level IV of the Executive Schedule and the highest pay allowable to General Schedule employees.

  8. Executive Schedule - Wikipedia

    Executive Schedule ( 5 U.S.C. §§ 5311 – 5318) is the system of salaries given to the highest-ranked appointed officials in the executive branch of the U.S. government. The president of the United States appoints individuals to these positions, most with the advice and consent of the United States Senate. They include members of the ...

  9. Schedule F appointment - Wikipedia

    Schedule F appointment. A Schedule F appointment was a job classification in the excepted service of the United States federal civil service that existed briefly at the end of the Trump administration during 2020–2021. It would have contained policy-related positions, removing their civil service protections and making them easy to fire.

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    related to: nadart org employees resources connection schedule pay tables federal