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  2. Tradeweb - Wikipedia

    Tradeweb Markets Inc. ( Tradeweb) is an international financial services company that builds and operates electronic over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces for trading fixed income products, ETFs, and derivatives. The company was co-founded in 1996 by Lee Olesky and Jim Toffey. [2] [3] Its customers include banks, asset managers, central banks ...

  3. Cartagena, Colombia - Wikipedia,_Colombia

    Cartagena ( / ˌkɑːrtəˈdʒiːnə / KAR-tə-JEE-nə, also US: /- ˈheɪnə / -⁠HAY-nə ), known since the colonial era as Cartagena de Indias ( Spanish: [kaɾtaˈxena ðe ˈindjas] ( listen) ), is a city and one of the major ports on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region, bordering the Caribbean sea.

  4. Shilling - Wikipedia

    A shilling was a coin used in England from the reign of Henry VII (or Edward VI around 1550). The shilling continued in use after the Acts of Union of 1707 created a new United Kingdom from the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, and under Article 16 of the Articles of Union, a common currency for the new United Kingdom was created.

  5. North Luzon Expressway - Wikipedia

    The North Luzon Expressway ( NLEX ), [a] signed as E1 of the Philippine expressway network, partially as N160 of the Philippine highway network, [b] and R-8 of the Metro Manila arterial road network, [c] is a limited-access toll expressway that connects Metro Manila to the provinces of the Central Luzon region in the Philippines.

  6. Evil Dead (2013 film) - Wikipedia

    English. Budget. $17 million [2] Box office. $97.5 million [2] Evil Dead is a 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by Fede Álvarez, in his feature directorial debut, written by Rodo Sayagues and Álvarez and produced by Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, and Bruce Campbell. The fourth installment in the Evil Dead franchise, it serves as a ...

  7. Honolulu Rail Transit - Wikipedia

    History. Plans for a mass-transit line to connect Honolulu's urban center with outlying areas began in the 1960s, but funding was not approved until 2005. The controversy over the rail line was the dominant issue for local politics leading into the 2008 Honolulu elections, and culminated in a city charter amendment which left the final decision to a direct vote of the citizens of Oahu.

  8. Novgorod case - Wikipedia

    This article uses bare URLs, which may be threatened by link rot. (June 2022) The Novgorod Case was the controversial criminal case against Mrs. Antonina Martynova (formerly Fyodorova, née Stepanova). She was facing charges of attempted murder of her daughter Alisa, then two years and seven months old, based solely on an 11-year-old boy's ...

  9. Inventor's paradox - Wikipedia's_paradox

    The inventor's paradox is a phenomenon that occurs in seeking a solution to a given problem. Instead of solving a specific type of problem, which would seem intuitively easier, it can be easier to solve a more general problem, which covers the specifics of the sought-after solution. The inventor's paradox has been used to describe phenomena in ...