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  2. Financial Services and Markets Authority (Belgium) - Wikipedia

    The FSMA is, since 1 April 2011, the successor of the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA). Its full name is the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). The FSMA's status is that of an autonomous public institution. This means that it was established by law and that it carries out tasks in the general interest entrusted to ...

  3. Argenta (bank) - Wikipedia

    Argenta is a bank based in Antwerp, Belgium that also operates in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was Belgium's sixth-biggest bank in 2020, after BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC Group, Belfius, ING Group, and Crelan. [citation needed] Argenta has been designated as a Significant Institution since the entry into force of European Banking Supervision ...

  4. Jules Fontaine Sambwa - Wikipedia

    Jules-Fontaine Sambwa (12 November 1940 – 4 March 1998) was a Zairean political officeholder and economist.. Biography. Jules-Fontaine Sambwa Pida Nbagui was born in Mbandaka, on 12 November 1940.

  5. Banque Nagelmackers - Wikipedia

    Number of employees. 405 FTE (2020) Website. www .nagelmackers .be. Nagelmackers is a private bank in Belgium, the oldest in the country and the 14th oldest surviving bank in the world. [citation needed] It focuses on wealthy individuals and families, relying on a network of local offices. Since 2015, it has been owned by China's Anbang.

  6. Belfius - Wikipedia

    535,000,000 Euro (2016) Owner. Belgian State. Website. Belfius Bank and Insurance, known as Dexia Bank Belgium until 1 March 2012, [1] is a Belgian state-owned bank that emerged from the dismantling of the Dexia group which had been purchased by the Belgian government on 10 October 2011 for 4 billion euros.

  7. BNP Paribas Fortis - Wikipedia

    BNP Paribas Fortis is an international bank based in Belgium and is a subsidiary of French banking group BNP Paribas. The bank was created in May 2009 after BNP Paribas acquired 75% of the shares of the Belgian Fortis Bank from the Federal Participation and Investment Company. It was formerly, together with Fortis Bank Nederland, the banking ...

  8. National Bank of Belgium - Wikipedia

    The National Bank of Belgium ( NBB; Dutch: Nationale Bank van België, French: Banque nationale de Belgique, German: Belgische Nationalbank) is the Belgian member of the Eurosystem. It was established by a law of 5 May 1850 and has been the monetary authority for Belgium from then until 1998, issuing the Belgian franc (albeit with interruption ...

  9. Belgian Banking Commission - Wikipedia

    The Belgian Banking Commission ( French: Commission bancaire) was a Belgian financial supervisory authority created in 1935 in the aftermath of the financial turmoil of the early 1930s. It was later renamed CBF in 1990 ( French: Commission bancaire et financière, Dutch: Commissie voor het Bank- en Financiewezen ), then CBFA in 2004 ( French ...