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  2. AOL

    x. AOL works best with the latest versions of the browsers. You're using an outdated or unsupported browser and some AOL features may not work properly.

  3. List of countries by number of Internet users - Wikipedia

    All United Nations member states are included, except North Korea, whose number of internet users is estimated at a few thousand. Data from Statista and Internet World Stats estimates the total number of internet users in 2021 is between 4.3 billion to 5 billion active users. Worldwide Internet users. Users.

  4. Too Hot to Handle (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Too Hot to Handle is an American-British reality television dating game show produced by Fremantle production companies Talkback and Thames. Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, the show's eight-episode first season was released on Netflix on April 17, 2020. Hosted by a virtual assistant named "Lana", the show revolves around 10 adults ...

  5. Personal identification number - Wikipedia

    A personal identification number sent to its user in a letter. The darkened paper flap prevents the number from being read by holding the unopened envelope to the light. A personal identification number ( PIN ), or sometimes redundantly a PIN number, is a numeric (sometimes 2301) passcode used in the process of authenticating a user accessing a ...

  6. The Misfit of Demon King Academy - Wikipedia

    Anos is a reincarnated demon king who existed 2,000 years prior to the start of the series. Misha's twin sister, Sasha is known as the Witch of Destruction due to her Demon Eyes of Destruction. A girl who is a descendant of Ivis Necron, one of the seven Elder Demon Emperors. Misha has a twin sister named Sasha.

  7. The Million Dollar Homepage - Wikipedia

    The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education.The home page consists of a million pixels arranged in a 1000 × 1000 pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks.

  8. List of game engines - Wikipedia

    Game engines are tools available for game designers to code and plan out a video game quickly and easily without building one from the ground up. Whether they are 2D or 3D based, they offer tools to aid in asset creation and placement.

  9. Tic Tac - Wikipedia Tic Tac (stylized as " tic tac ") is a brand of small, hard mint manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. They were first produced in 1969 and are now available in a variety of flavours in over 100 countries. Tic Tacs are usually sold in small transparent plastic boxes with a flip-action living hinge lid.

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