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  2. Chytridiomycota - Wikipedia

    Hyaloraphidiales. Sanchytriomycetes [1] Sanchytriales. Chytridiomycota are a division of zoosporic organisms in the kingdom Fungi, informally known as chytrids. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek χυτρίδιον ( khutrídion ), meaning "little pot", describing the structure containing unreleased zoöspores.

  3. Hippocratic Oath - Wikipedia

    The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. The oath is the earliest expression of medical ethics in the Western world ...

  4. Carbon neutrality - Wikipedia

    Carbon neutrality is a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.This can be achieved by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal (often through carbon offsetting) or by eliminating emissions from society (the transition to the "post-carbon economy").

  5. 2014 Donbas status referendums - Wikipedia

    2014 Donbas status referendums. A pro-separatist billboard. Referendums on the status of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, parts of Ukraine that together make up the Donbas region, took place on 11 May 2014 in many towns under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. [1] [2] These referendums sought to legitimise ...

  6. Bull (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

    HDTV 1080i. Original release. September 20, 2016. ( 2016-09-20) –. May 26, 2022. ( 2022-05-26) Bull is an American legal drama television series starring Michael Weatherly. CBS ordered the pilot to series on May 13, 2016, [1] and it ran from September 20, 2016 to May 26, 2022.

  7. Grant Shapps - Wikipedia

    Grant Shapps. Grant Shapps (14 September 1968) is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Transport since 2019. A member of the Conservative Party, he has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Welwyn Hatfield since 2005. He was elected for Welwyn Hatfield at the 2005 general election. Following David Cameron 's appointment as Prime ...

  8. Honolulu Rail Transit - Wikipedia

    History. Plans for a mass-transit line to connect Honolulu's urban center with outlying areas began in the 1960s, but funding was not approved until 2005. The controversy over the rail line was the dominant issue for local politics leading into the 2008 Honolulu elections, and culminated in a city charter amendment which left the final decision to a direct vote of the citizens of Oahu.

  9. Planz - Wikipedia

    Planz. Planz is an open source personal information manager developed by the Keeping Found Things Found group at the University of Washington Information School. It integrates e-mail, website links and content, computer files and folders, and informal notes into a simplified, document-like interface. Its purpose is to make the user's personal ...