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    AOL Shield Browser. Optimized for older operating systems and dial-up internet connections, AOL Shield allows you to browse the internet quickly and easily. *To enhance performance, when the AOL Shield Browser is launched over a dial-up connection, the security setting that blocks dangerous and deceptive content is disabled.

  4. Plan (calendar program) - Wikipedia

    plan is a calendar and day planner program for the X Window System based on the Motif widget set. plan is free software released under a custom permissive license. Its main window shows a month (the current one by default); the user can insert appointments at given days and time. An accompanying program pland reminds the user of appointments by ...

  5. En la vía - Wikipediaía

    En la vía is a 1959 Argentine film. En la vía is a black and white film directed by Argentine director Alberto Du Bois, according to the script Anibal Pastor and Manuel Rojas, who was co - produced between Argentina and Paraguay in 1959, but was never commercially released. He had starring Olga Zubarry (1930-2012), Juan Carlos Altavista ...

  6. Plan West - Wikipedia

    Background. While Józef Piłsudski was the dictator of Poland, planning concentrated on a possible attack on Poland from the east. It was only after Piłsudski's death in 1935 that the new Polish government and military re-evaluated the situation and decided that the current Polish plan for a Polish–German war, dating from the mid-1920s (Plan "S"), was inadequate and needed to be revised.

  7. Andinia Plan - Wikipedia

    The Andinia Plan ( Spanish: Plan Andinia) is a conspiracy theory that alleged plans to establish a Jewish state in parts of Argentina and Chile. It is partly based on an exaggeration of historical proposals for organized Jewish migration to Argentina in the late 19th and the early 20th century (which, however, did not include plans for a Jewish ...

  8. Plan Dalet - Wikipedia

    Plan Dalet (Plan D), of March 1948, is the most noteworthy. Guided by a series of specific operational plans, the broad outlines of which were considered as early as 1944, Plan Dalet was drawn up to expand Jewish-held areas beyond those allocated to the proposed Jewish State in the UN Partition Plan. Its overall objective was to seize as much ...

  9. Settlement Plan - Wikipedia

    Settlement Plan. The Settlement Plan was an agreement between the ethnically Saharawi Polisario Front and Morocco on the organization of a referendum, which would constitute an expression of self-determination for the people of Western Sahara, leading either to full independence, or integration with the Kingdom of Morocco.