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  2. Wikipedia - Wikipedia

    Wikipedia. Wikipedia ( / ˌwɪkɪˈpiːdiə / ( listen) wik-ih-PEE-dee-ə or / ˌwɪki -/ ( listen) wik-ee-) is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki -based editing system. Its editors are known as Wikipedians.

  3. Network planning and design - Wikipedia

    Network planning and design. Network planning and design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, and is aimed at ensuring that a new telecommunications network or service meets the needs of the subscriber and operator. [1] The process can be tailored according to each new network or ...

  4. Terravision (computer program) - Wikipedia

    TerraVision installation at NTT InterCommunication Center, 1998. Terravision is a 3D mapping software developed in 1993 by the German company ART+COM in Berlin as a "networked virtual representation of the earth based on satellite images, aerial shots, altitude data and architectural data". [1] Development of the project was supported by the ...

  5. The Million Dollar Homepage - Wikipedia

    The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education.The home page consisted of a million pixels arranged in a 1000 × 1000 pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks.

  6. Encarta - Wikipedia

    Encarta. Microsoft Encarta is a discontinued digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft from 1993 to 2009. Originally sold on CD-ROM or DVD, it was also available on the World Wide Web via an annual subscription, although later articles could also be viewed for free online with advertisements.

  7. Personal computer - Wikipedia

    A personal computer ( PC) is a multi-purpose microcomputer whose size, capabilities, and price make it feasible for individual use. [1] Personal computers are intended to be operated directly by an end user, rather than by a computer expert or technician. Unlike large, costly minicomputers and mainframes, time-sharing by many people at the same ...

  8. Notion (productivity software) - Wikipedia

    Notion is a collaboration platform with modified Markdown support that integrates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases. The software is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, knowledge and data management, and project and task management. [14]

  9. Central and Southern Florida Project - Wikipedia

    The Central and Southern Florida Project is a regional water management system, operated and maintained by the South Florida Water Management District in South Florida, the Everglades, and Lake Okeechobee to protect residents and businesses from floods and droughts. The Central and Southern Florida Project is also the title of the corresponding ...