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  2. Nation - Wikipedia

    A nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a combination of shared features such as language, history, ethnicity, culture and/or territory. A nation is thus the collective identity of a group of people understood as defined by those features.

  3. Kainai Nation - Wikipedia

    The Kainai Nation (or Káínawa, or Blood Tribe) (Blackfoot: Káínaa) is a First Nations band government in southern Alberta, Canada, with a population of 12,800 members in 2015, up from 11,791 in December 2013.

  4. Nation state - Wikipedia

    Nation states where a single ethnic group makes up more than 85% of the population include the following: Albania : The vast majority of the population is ethnically Albanian at about 98.6% of the population, with the remainder consisting of a few small ethnic minorities.

  5. SB Nation - Wikipedia

    SB Nation (originally known as SportsBlogs Nation) is a sports blogging network owned by Vox Media.It was co-founded by Tyler Bleszinski and Markos Moulitsas in 2005. The blog from which the network formed was started by Bleszinski as Athletics Nation in 2003, and focused solely on the Oakland Athletics.

  6. Tea Party Nation - Wikipedia

    A judge ordered Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips to pay $748,000, including the $554,000 hotel bill and $194,300 in accrued interest, for the 1,637 reserved rooms. Criticism. Tea Party Nation is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and is the only Tea Party-related group to be noted as such.

  7. Shinnecock Indian Nation - Wikipedia

    The Shinnecock Indian Nation is a federally recognized tribe of historically Algonquian-speaking Native Americans based at the eastern end of Long Island, New York.This tribe is headquartered in Suffolk County, on the southeastern shore.

  8. Z Nation - Wikipedia

    Z Nation is produced by Go2 Digital Media for The Asylum. On June 29, 2014, it was announced that the filming of 13 episodes for the first season of the series was underway. [9] [10] On October 12, 2014, Syfy announced that it had ordered a second season of Z Nation .

  9. Sinclair Broadcast Group - Wikipedia

    The four stations, as well as a fifth acquired through an LMA, that Sinclair purchased from Cox Media Group and the Barrington stations formed the initial nuclei of the group. Sinclair Television Group. Sinclair Television Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group that owns television stations in mid-sized markets.