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  2. National Fuel Gas - Wikipedia

    National Fuel Gas was incorporated in 1902 and is based in Williamsville, New York . The Utility segment sells natural gas or provides natural gas transportation services to more than 754,000 utility customers through a local distribution system located in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. The Pipeline and Storage segment provides ...

  3. National Fuel Gas is passing along a price change to ... - AOL

    The National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. building at 1100 State St. in Erie is shown on July 21, 2021.

  4. List of United States natural gas companies - Wikipedia

    List of United States natural gas companies This is a list of natural gas companies in the United States.

  5. Natural gas - Wikipedia

    Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is formed when layers of organic matter (primarily marine microorganisms) [5] decompose under anaerobic conditions and are subjected to intense heat and pressure underground over millions of years. [6] The energy that the decayed organisms originally obtained from the sun via photosynthesis is stored as chemical energy within the molecules of methane and other ...

  6. What National Fuel Gas Does With Its Cash - AOL

    In the quest to find great investments, most investors focus on earnings to gauge a company's financial strength. This is a good start, but earnings can be misleading and incomplete. To get a ...

  7. Is National Fuel Gas' Cash Machine Fast Enough? - AOL

    With quarterly CCC doing worse than average and the latest 12-month CCC coming in better, National Fuel Gas gets a mixed review in this cash-conversion checkup.

  8. Natural gas pipeline system in the United States - Wikipedia

    Natural gas pipeline system in the United States. The US natural gas pipeline system is a complex system of pipelines that carries natural gas nationwide and for import and export for use by millions of people daily for their consumer and commercial needs. Across the country, there are more than 210 pipeline systems that total more than 305,000 ...

  9. Are National Fuel Gas's Earnings Worse Than They Look? - AOL

    It takes money to make money. Most investors know that, but with business media so focused on the "how much," very few investors bother to ask, "How fast?" When judging a company's prospects, how ...