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  2. Identify legitimate AOL websites, requests, and communications

    • Fake email addresses - Malicious actors sometimes send from email addresses made to look like an official email address but in fact is missing a letter(s), misspelled, replaces a letter with a lookalike number (e.g. “O” and “0”), or originates from free email services that would not be used for official communications.

  3. Protect yourself from internet scams - AOL Help

    The internet can be a fun place to interact with people and gain info, however, it can also be a dangerous place if you don't know what you're doing. Many times, these scams initiate from an...

  4. Use AOL Certified Mail to confirm legitimate AOL emails

    AOL Mail is focused on keeping you safe while you use the best mail product on the web. One way we do this is by protecting against phishing and scam emails through the use of AOL Official...

  5. AOL Tech Support Scam FAQs - AOL Help

    For any technical support or assistance with AOL products, you should refer strictly to AOL websites and sources to avoid incurring a fee from third party services claiming to offer AOL...

  6. Scam baiting - Wikipedia

    In March 2020, an anonymous YouTuber and grey hat hacker under the alias "Jim Browning" infiltrated and gathered drone and CCTV footage of a fraudulent call centre scam operation in India with the help of fellow YouTube personality Karl Rock.

  7. Contacting AOL Security Team - AOL Help

    For Security Researchers seeking to contact the AOL corporate security team regarding security-related incidents and vulnerabilities, please review our contact page. For AOL members seeking help with suspicious account activity (such as spam or phishing emails) or technical support, please review your Customer Care support options. Apr 18, 2017.

  8. Mass marketing fraud - Wikipedia

    Mass-marketing fraud (or mass market fraud) is a scheme that uses mass-communication media – including telephones, the Internet, mass mailings, television, radio, and personal contact – to contact, solicit, and obtain money, funds, or other items of value from multiple victims in one or more jurisdictions.

  9. Phone fraud - Wikipedia

    According to a 2011 survey by CFCA, an industry group created to reduce fraud against carriers, the five top fraud loss categories reported by operators were: [1] US$ 4.96 billion – compromised PBX/voicemail systems $4.32 billion – subscription/identity theft $3.84 billion – International Revenue Share Fraud $2.88 billion – by-pass fraud

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    related to: national media group scam site information letter example text line numbers