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  2. Man dead, woman hurt in overnight shooting. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Missouri, police department is investigating after an overnight argument escalated to gunfire, leaving one man dead. Officers were called to a home in the 3400 block of Chestnut Avenue around 12:30 a.m. Friday to investigate a shooting.

  3. KMBC 9 News is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Visit Kansas City's most reliable source for breaking news.

  4. U.S. News - The New York Times

    Breaking news, photos and videos from around the United States. Read our latest coverage on education, health care, immigration, politics, race and religion.

  5. Olathe's composting pilot program looks to expand to full city

    OLATHE, Kan. — Olathe, Kansas is trying out a new program that could cut down on how much garbage it collects and has to pay to haul to the landfill. Seventy-five Olathe families are keeping ...

  6. New Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Synonyms of new 1 : having recently come into existence : recent, modern I saw their new baby for the first time. 2 a (1) : having been seen, used, or known for a short time : novel rice was a new crop for the area (2) : unfamiliar visit new places b : being other than the former or old a steady flow of new money He bought a new car. 3

  7. Some common synonyms of new are fresh, novel, and original. While all these words mean "having recently come into existence or use," new may apply to what is freshly made and unused, what has not been known before, or what has not been experienced before. new brick. new designs. starts the new job.

  8. New Definition & Meaning |

    New describes something that only now exists or has been around for only a short time. New also describes something that has just appeared for the first time or that is unfamiliar. New has several other senses as an adjective, adverb, and a noun. If something is new, it has only been around for a short time. This sense of new is the opposite of old.

  9. newfangled novel now spick-and-span topical ultramodern unaccustomed uncontaminated unknown unlike unseasoned unskilled unspoiled untouched untrained untried untrodden unused up-to-date virgin youthful See also synonyms for: newer / newness / unnew antonyms for new MOST RELEVANT antiquated common familiar future like normal old old-fashioned past

  10. Añejo Modern Mexican Cuisine - Olathe, KS -ñejo-modern-mexican-cuisine-olathe

    Delivery & Pickup Options - 3.2 Stars and 50 reviews of Añejo Modern Mexican Cuisine "My family are Mexican foodaholics and got super excited to find a new spot in town! Initial impression, the dining room is clean and great atmosphere. Free chips and salsa to start with 1 small cup of salsa for my family of 5 but they did refill when needed.

  11. Joe Burrow contract extension: Projecting the value of Bengals...

    When looking at average annual salary, there was a new QB leader in 2022 based on a restructured contract. Here's the top six, who pertain most to Burrow: Aaron Rodgers, Packers $50.271 million;