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  2. U.S. News - The New York Times

    Breaking news, photos and videos from around the United States. Read our latest coverage on education, health care, immigration, politics, race and religion.

  3. NewsBreak provides latest and breaking Pontiac, IL local news, weather forecast, crime and safety reports, traffic updates, event notices, sports, entertainment, local life and other items of interest in the community and nearby towns.

  4. New Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Synonyms of new 1 : having recently come into existence : recent, modern I saw their new baby for the first time. 2 a (1) : having been seen, used, or known for a short time : novel rice was a new crop for the area (2) : unfamiliar visit new places b : being other than the former or old a steady flow of new money He bought a new car. 3

  5. Definition of new 1 as in another taking the place of one that came before after my bike was stolen, my scooter became my new mode of transportation Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance another alternative other alternate second different makeshift extra substitute substitutive separate successive utility improvised pinch jury equivalent spare

  6. New Definition & Meaning |

    New describes something that only now exists or has been around for only a short time. New also describes something that has just appeared for the first time or that is unfamiliar. New has several other senses as an adjective, adverb, and a noun. If something is new, it has only been around for a short time. This sense of new is the opposite of old.

  7. See definition of new on adj. recent, fresh adj. additional adj. modernized, restored adv. recently synonyms for new Compare Synonyms advanced brand-new contemporary current different late modern original recent state-of-the-art strange unfamiliar unique unusual au courant cutting-edge dewy dissimilar distinct fashionable

  8. Julie Otsuka, Ed Yong Win Carnegie Medals for Excellence

    NEW YORK (AP) — Novelist Julie Otsuka has strong memories of libraries from her childhood California — the bike rides with her best friend to the local branch; the soft, firm sound of librarians...

  9. With Newest Listings - Homes for Sale in Pontiac, IL

    Explore the homes with Newest Listings that are currently for sale in Pontiac, IL, where the average value of homes with Newest Listings is $145,000. Visit® and browse house photos ...

  10. New US childhood obesity guidelines criticised by families

    In the US, new guidelines on how paediatricians should treat childhood obesity have been met with some criticism. The American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended intensive therapy for children ...

  11. New Construction Homes for Sale |®

    Find new construction homes and communities on®. Visualize your new construction home through our floor plans, pictures and videos. Learn what is new and improved in a new ...