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  2. Yahoo! - Wikipedia!

    On September 19, 2013, Yahoo launched a new version of the "My Yahoo" personalized homepage. The redesign allows users to tailor a homepage with widgets that access features such as email accounts, calendars, Flickr and other Yahoo content, and Internet content.

  3. RocketMail - Wikipedia

    On 19 June 2008, Yahoo! started the RocketMail brand again by allowing new users to sign up for accounts under the domain, which had not been possible since its acquisition of Four11 Corporation. In April 2013, Yahoo! closed support for creating new RocketMail email addresses; existing RocketMail accounts were not affected.

  4. LANY - Wikipedia

    LANY (/ ˈ l eɪ n i /, an acronym for "Los Angeles New York") is an American pop band from Los Angeles.Formed in Nashville in 2014, the band consists of Paul Jason Klein, Charles Leslie "Les" Priest, and Jake Clifford Goss.

  5. Yahoo! Groups - Wikipedia!_Groups

    Yahoo! Clubs was launched in 1998 as an extension of services developed by Yahoo! Message. In August 2000 Yahoo acquired In 2001 Yahoo! deleted adult groups from its search directory, making it very difficult to locate Yahoo! groups with adult content. The Groups Updates Email feature was introduced in 2010.

  6. History of Yahoo! - Wikipedia!

    In early 2006, Yahoo! offered users the chance to beta test a new version of the Yahoo! homepage. However, it currently only supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Users of other browsers, such as Opera, have criticized Yahoo! for this move. Yahoo! says they intend to support additional browsers in the future.

  7. Marissa Mayer - Wikipedia

    In December 2015, the New York-based hedge fund SpringOwl, a shareholder in Yahoo Inc., released a statement arguing that Mayer be replaced as CEO. Starboard Value, an activist investing firm that owns a stake in Yahoo, likewise wrote a scathing letter regarding Mayer's performance at Yahoo.

  8. New York Philharmonic - Wikipedia

    Of course, the merger had ramifications for the musicians of both orchestras. Winthrop Sargeant, a violinist with the Symphony Society and later a writer for The New Yorker, recalled the merger as "a sort of surgical operation in which twenty musicians were removed from the Philharmonic and their places taken by a small surviving band of twenty legionnaires from the New York Symphony.

  9. Shopify - Wikipedia

    In 2020, the company announced new hires in Vancouver, Canada, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to lifting stock prices. On February 21, 2020, Shopify announced plans to join the Diem Association, known as Libra Association at the time. On March 11, 2020, Shopify announced it is going fully remote.