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  2. New York City Department of Finance - Wikipedia

    Website. The New York City Department of Finance ( DOF) is the revenue service, taxation agency and recorder of deeds of the government of New York City. [2] Its Parking Violations Bureau is an administrative court that adjudicates parking violations, while its Sheriff's Office is the city's primary civil law enforcement agency.

  3. Traffic Violations Bureau - Wikipedia

    New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings References [ edit ] ^ Vehicle and Traffic Law article 2-A, § 225 et seq. , as added by chapter 1074 of the laws of 1969 . 15 NYCRR § 121.3; "A Traffic Violations Bureau is established in the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  4. New York State Department of Motor Vehicles - Wikipedia

    The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law gives DMV the authority to suspend registrations for habitual and persistent violations of the law. In 2015-2016, the DMV enacted regulations allowing the suspensions of registration for people who fail to pay 5 road charge fines (toll violations) within 18 months.

  5. govWorks - Wikipedia

    The service delivery model for govWorks, which was inspired by Tuzman after he found a two-year-old parking ticket in his New York City apartment, was to offer a service that provided the ability for people to pay city fees through their Internet portal. The initial launch of online services to select markets occurred in October ...

  6. Parking violation - Wikipedia

    Unpaid parking violations per diplomat in New York City by country of origin, 1997-2002. [3] In 1926, American merchants listed downtown traffic congestion as their most serious difficulty.

  7. Pay-by-plate parking - Wikipedia

    Pittsburgh, PA is implementing the largest Pay-by-Plate parking terminal project in the USA. This project has started on July 26, 2012. As of January 2013, Pittsburgh Parking Authority has completed the installation of 550+ Pay-by-Plate parking terminals. Every Parking Terminal is modem enabled, and is transmigrating all payments for parking in ...

  8. Parking enforcement officer - Wikipedia

    A parking enforcement officer ( PEO ), [1] [2] traffic warden [1] ( British English ), parking inspector/parking officer [3] ( Australia and New Zealand ), or civil enforcement officer [1] is a member of a traffic control agency, local government, or police force who issues tickets for parking violations. The term parking attendant is sometimes ...

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    related to: nyc pay parking tickets finance authority