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  2. Education in the United States - Wikipedia

    Teacher pay. According to data from the National Teacher and Principal Survey, the average base salary for public school teachers in 2020-21 was $61,600, but this number varied significantly from state to state. Teachers in New York had the highest average base salary at $90,222, while teachers in Mississippi had the lowest at $46,862.

  3. Tuition payments - Wikipedia

    Only 32 percent of the students pay tuition that averages 1,428 euros for a year at a 1st-degree level and 1,552 for a year at the 2nd-degree level. It is important to note that a student in Hungary has an opportunity to receive a scholarship of up to 3,000 euros for living expenses and nearly 4,000 euros for good grades.

  4. Teacher Salary Project - Wikipedia

    The mission of The Teacher Salary Project is to address the concerns and issues facing our education system through the eyes and experiences of teachers. It proposes that teacher salary reform is an effective method of attracting and retaining top-quality teachers to the field of education. The project began with the New York Times best-selling ...

  5. Higher education bubble in the United States - Wikipedia

    College Degree Returns by Average 2011 Annual Out-of-Pocket Costs, from B. Caplan's The Case Against Education First-year U.S. college degree returns for select majors, by type of student. Study comparing college revenue per student by tuition and state funding in 2008 dollars. The view that higher education is a bubble is debated.

  6. Academic ranks in the United States - Wikipedia

    Associate Provost. Assistant Provost (assists the Provost, as do any associates; not superior to vice presidents) Vice-Chancellors or Vice Presidents (of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance, etc.) Associate Vice-Chancellor or Associate Vice President. Assistant Vice-Chancellor or Assistant Vice President.

  7. College tuition in the United States - Wikipedia

    In 2016–17, the average cost of annual tuition in the United States ranged from $9,700 for public four-year institutions to $33,500 for private four-year institutions. [7] Private colleges increased their tuition by an average of 1.7 percent in 2016–17, the smallest rise in four decades, according to the U.S. Consumer Price Index. [7]

  8. Teacher - Wikipedia

    The American Federation of Teachers' teacher salary survey for the 2006–07 school year found that the average teacher salary was $51,009. In a salary survey report for K-12 teachers, elementary school teachers had the lowest median salary earning $39,259. High school teachers had the highest median salary earning $41,855.

  9. Professors in the United States - Wikipedia

    The term "professors" in the United States refers to a group of educators at the college and university level.In the United States, while "Professor" as a proper noun (with a capital "P") generally implies a position title officially bestowed by a university or college to faculty members with a PhD or the highest level terminal degree in a non-academic field (e.g., MFA, MLIS), [citation needed ...