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  2. Discovery Kids (British and Irish TV channel) - Wikipedia

    Discovery Kids is a defunct British and Irish pay television channel. The channel initially began broadcasting exclusively on the On Digital service time sharing with Discovery Wings , an aviation-focused channel similarly created initially as an On Digital exclusive. [1]

  3. Goldman Sachs controversies - Wikipedia

    Goldman Sachs controversies are the controversies surrounding the American multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs.The bank and its activities have generated substantial controversy and legal issues around the world and is the subject of speculation about its involvement in global finance and politics.

  4. Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars - Wikipedia

    The debate (and the edit war) settled down for a few months until someone associated with Miami Dade College, whose Hialeah Campus is, er, near Miami, rekindled the reversions with an insistence that the phrase should be cited with an online reference and that "near Miami" violates WP:NPOV. Since then, the dispute – mainly through edit ...

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