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  2. Public employee pension plans in the United States - Wikipedia

    Public employee pension plans in the United States. In the United States, public sector pensions are offered at the federal, state, and local levels of government. They are available to most, but not all, public sector employees. These employer contributions to these plans typically vest after some period of time, e.g. 5 years of service.

  3. Government of New York (state) - Wikipedia

    The flag of New York. The Government of the State of New York, headquartered at the New York State Capitol in Albany, encompasses the administrative structure of the U.S. state of New York, as established by the state's constitution. Analogously to the US federal government, it is composed of three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

  4. New York State Teachers Retirement System - Wikipedia

    New York State Teachers Retirement System. Redirect to: Government of New York (state) Retrieved from " ".

  5. Teachers' pension a train wreck: Crazy investment ... - AOL

    May 15, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, the state's second largest public pension fund, oversees about $90 billion invested on behalf of 500,000 teachers ...

  6. New York State Common Retirement Fund - Wikipedia

    As of 2018, it is the third largest public pension plan in the nation, and holds $207.4 billion in assets. These assets are overseen by the New York State Comptroller's office and are held on behalf of more than one million members of the New York State and Local Retirement Systems (NYSLRS). As of March 31, 2018, its one-year return was 11.35% ...

  7. New York State Teachers Retirement System Buys EPAM ... - AOL

    Albany, NY, based Investment company New York State Teachers Retirement System (Current Portfolio) buys EPAM Systems Inc, Tandem Diabetes Care Inc, Builders FirstSource Inc, Coterra Energy Inc ...

  8. List of largest pension schemes in the United States - Wikipedia

    Teacher Retirement System of Texas: $146,326 $146,326 79.7% 8.0% 7 New York State Teachers: $115,637 $115,637 94.2% 7.5% 8 State of Wisconsin Investment Board: $109,960 $105,155 N/A N/A 9 North Carolina Retirement: $106,946 $96,094 88.3% 7.3% 10 Washington State Investment Board: $104,260 $86,615 85.5% 7.7% 11 Ohio Public Employees Retirement ...

  9. TRTA exec: Retired teachers need a raise - AOL

    There are 450,000 current retirees in the Teacher Retirement System. Lee said 150,000 of them have an annuity that's $1,500 a month or less. Of that group, 131,000 make $1,000 a month or less.