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  2. Congressional Budget Office - Wikipedia

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a federal agency within the legislative branch of the United States government that provides budget and economic information to Congress. Inspired by California's Legislative Analyst's Office that manages the state budget in a strictly nonpartisan fashion, the CBO was created as a nonpartisan agency by ...

  3. National Reconnaissance Office - Wikipedia

    The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is a member of the United States Intelligence Community and an agency of the United States Department of Defense which designs, builds, launches, and operates the reconnaissance satellites of the U.S. federal government, and provides satellite intelligence to several government agencies, particularly signals intelligence (SIGINT) to the NSA, imagery ...

  4. 2022 California elections - Wikipedia

    The 2022 California elections will take place on November 8, 2022. The Statewide Direct Primary Election was held on June 7, 2022. California voters will elect all of California's seats to the United States House of Representatives, one seat to the United States Senate, all of the seats of the California State Assembly, all even-numbered seats of the California State Senate, and the Governor ...

  5. 2022 California gubernatorial election - Wikipedia

    The 2022 California gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2022, to elect the governor of California, with the statewide top-two primary election taking place on June 7, 2022. Incumbent Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is running for re-election to a second term after surviving a recall election in 2021 , during his first term.

  6. 2006 Texas gubernatorial election - Wikipedia

    Perry was re-elected to a second full term in office, winning 39% of the vote to Bell's 30%, Strayhorn's 18% and Friedman's 12%. Perry carried 209 out of the state's 254 counties, while Bell carried 39 and Strayhorn carried 6. Exit polls revealed that Perry won the white vote with 46%, while Bell got 22%, Strayhorn got 16% and Friedman got 15%.

  7. State attorney general - Wikipedia

    Assumed office Term expires Law school Term limits Steve Marshall: Alabama: Republican: February 10, 2017: 2023 (term limits) University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa: 2 consecutive terms Treg Taylor: Alaska: Republican: January 30, 2021: Appointed Brigham Young University: no term limits Fainu'ulelei Alailima-Utu : American Samoa: Nonpartisan January ...

  8. 2022 California Proposition 1 - Wikipedia

    Proposition 1, titled Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom and initially known as Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 (SCA 10), is a California ballot proposition and state constitutional amendment that will be voted upon in the general election on November 8, 2022.

  9. 2022 Pennsylvania Senate election - Wikipedia

    The term of office for those elected in 2022 will begin when the Senate convenes in January 2023. Pennsylvania State Senators are elected for four-year terms, with half of the seats up for election every two years. [1]