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  2. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Wikipedia

    the office of the comptroller of the currency ( occ) is an independent bureau within the united states department of the treasury that was established by the national currency act of 1863 and serves to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and thrift institutions and the federally licensed branches and agencies of foreign banks in …

  3. Connecticut State Comptroller - Wikipedia

    the duties and responsibilities of the state comptroller include, among other things, overseeing state accounting, preparing state financial reports, paying and administering benefits to state employees, settling demands against the state that do not first have to be approved or adjusted by the general assembly, administering miscellaneous …

  4. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Approves GE Capital ...

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  5. 2022 Connecticut Comptroller election - Wikipedia

    The 2022 Connecticut Comptroller election will take place on November 8, 2022, to elect the Connecticut State Comptroller. Appointed Incumbent Democrat Natalie Braswell will not be a candidate for the office in the November election. She was appointed by Governor Ned Lamont to replace Kevin Lembo, who resigned in December 2021 due to health issues.

  6. Comptroller of the Household - Wikipedia

    The Comptroller of the Household is an ancient position in the British royal household, nominally the second-ranking member of the Lord Steward's department after the Treasurer of the Household. The Comptroller was an ex officio member of the Board of Green Cloth , until that body was abolished in the reform of the local government licensing in ...

  7. Comptroller - Wikipedia

    The Comptroller General is the head of the Office of the Comptroller General of the State Administration (IGAE), an agency founded in 1874 to ensure the accountability of the Spanish administration. All the government departments and agencies have a unit of the IGAE, with a comptroller as its head.

  8. Kevin Lembo - Wikipedia

    Kevin P. Lembo (born September 6, 1963) is a Democratic elected official who served as the Connecticut State Comptroller, the statewide elected official responsible for reporting on state finances, administering health care plans for public employees and retirees, and paying the state's bills.