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  2. Old Post Office (Washington, D.C.) - Wikipedia

    Old Post Office Joint Venture (a group led by Hillman Properties), the developer of the pavilion, was also losing money. Old Post Office Joint Venture (OPOJV) received $166,000 a year in rent from GSA, but its agreement with the federal government called for doubling the size of the retail space to 100,000 square feet (9,300 m 2). Approval for ...

  3. Underwater Demolition Team - Wikipedia

    The Seabees provided half of the men in the teams that saw service. The U.S. Navy did not publicize the existence of the UDTs until post war and when they did they gave credit to Lt. Commander Kauffman and the Seabees. During WWII the Navy did not have a rating for the UDTs nor did they have an insignia.

  4. Mahjong - Wikipedia

    Mahjong or mah-jongg (English pronunciation: / m ɑː ˈ dʒ ɒ ŋ / mah-JONG) is a tile-based game that was developed in the 19th century in China and has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century.

  5. USS Tucker (DD-57) - Wikipedia

    USS Tucker (Destroyer No. 57/DD-57) was the lead ship of her class of destroyers built for the United States Navy prior to the American entry into World War I. The ship was the first U.S. Navy vessel named for Samuel Tucker. Tucker was laid down by the Fore River Shipbuilding Company of Quincy, Massachusetts, in November 1914 and launched in ...

  6. Killing of Osama bin Laden - Wikipedia

    On May 2, 2011, Osama bin Laden, the founder and first leader of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, was shot and killed at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by United States Navy SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six).

  7. ROKS Cheonan sinking - Wikipedia

    The stern of Cheonan settled on its left side in 130-metre (430 ft) deep water close to the site of the sinking, but the bow section took longer to sink and settled overturned in 20 metres (66 ft) of water 6.4 kilometres (3.5 nmi) away with a small part of the hull visible above the water. Rescue efforts