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  2. Pager - Wikipedia

    A pager (also known as a beeper, bleeper or pocket bell) is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages. One-way pagers can only receive messages, while response pagers and two-way pagers can also acknowledge, reply to and originate messages using an internal transmitter.

  3. Single-page application - Wikipedia

    History. The origins of the term single-page application are unclear, though the concept was discussed at least as early as 2003. Stuart Morris, a programming student at Cardiff University, Wales, wrote the Self-Contained website at with the same goals and functions in April 2002, and later the same year Lucas Birdeau, Kevin Hakman, Michael Peachey and Clifford Yeh described ...

  4. Page (computer memory) - Wikipedia

    Smaller page sizes ensure a closer match to the actual amount of memory required in an allocation. As an example, assume the page size is 1024 KiB. If a process allocates 1025 KiB, two pages must be used, resulting in 1023 KiB of unused space (where one page fully consumes 1024 KiB and the other only 1 KiB). Disk access

  5. Website - Wikipedia

    Another example of dynamic content is when a retail website with a database of media products allows a user to input a search request, e.g. for the keyword Beatles. In response, the content of the web page will spontaneously change the way it looked before, and will then display a list of Beatles products like CDs, DVDs, and books.

  6. One-time password - Wikipedia

    RSA Security's SecurID is one example of a time-synchronization type of token, along with HID Global's solutions. Like all tokens, these may be lost, damaged, or stolen; additionally, there is an inconvenience as batteries die, especially for tokens without a recharging facility or with a non-replaceable battery.

  7. One-time pad - Wikipedia

    One example, ORION, had 50 rows of plaintext alphabets on one side and the corresponding random cipher text letters on the other side. By placing a sheet on top of a piece of carbon paper with the carbon face up, one could circle one letter in each row on one side and the corresponding letter on the other side would be circled by the carbon paper.

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    related to: one pagers examples