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  2. Pager - Wikipedia

    A pager (also known as a beeper, bleeper or pocket bell) is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages. One-way pagers can only receive messages, while response pagers and two-way pagers can also acknowledge, reply to and originate messages using an internal transmitter.

  3. Virtual desktop - Wikipedia

    In computing, a virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces, usually within the WIMP paradigm, to describe ways in which the virtual space of a computer's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen's display area through the use of software.

  4. Tijuana bible - Wikipedia

    Tijuana bibles (also known as eight-pagers, Tillie-and-Mac books, Jiggs-and-Maggie books, jo-jo books, bluesies, blue-bibles, gray-backs, and two-by-fours) were palm-sized pornographic comic books produced in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1960s.

  5. Area codes 954 and 754 - Wikipedia

    This split was intended as a long-term solution, but within five years 954 was already close to exhaustion due to South Florida's explosive growth and the proliferation of auxiliary devices, such as cell phones, pagers, and fax machines.

  6. Area codes 205 and 659 - Wikipedia

    It encompassed the entire state, making Alabama one of 32 states served by a single numbering plan area. By the 1990s, 205 was on the brink of exhaustion due to the state's growth and the proliferation of cell phones and pagers. In 1995, area code 334 was created to serve the area from Montgomery southward.

  7. Area code 262 - Wikipedia

    Although this was intended as a long-term solution, within a year 414 was back to the brink of exhaustion due to the continued proliferation of cell phones and pagers. When it became apparent that 414 was running out of numbers, original plans called for 262 to be an overlay for all of southeastern Wisconsin.

  8. Area code 314 - Wikipedia

    Within only two years, however, 314 was close to exhaustion once again due to the proliferation of cell phones, fax machines and pagers in the St. Louis core. As a result, 314 was reduced to its current size on May 22, 1999, when area code 636 was assigned to St. Louis' outer western suburbs.

  9. Duracell - Wikipedia

    Duracell Inc. is an American manufacturer of alkaline batteries, specialty cells, rechargeables and smart power systems, owned by Berkshire Hathaway.The company has its origins in the 1920s, through the work of Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory, and the formation of the P. R. Mallory Company.