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  2. Venmo - Wikipedia

    Users have a Venmo balance that is used for their transactions. They can link their bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards, to their Venmo account; alternatively users can order a Venmo MasterCard and pay through it. Paying with a bank account or debit card is free, but payments via credit card have a 3% fee for each transaction.

  3. Amazon Pay - Wikipedia

    Amazon Pay is an online payments processing service owned by Amazon.Launched in 2007, Amazon Pay uses the consumer base of and focuses on giving users the option to pay with their Amazon accounts on external merchant websites.

  4. Google Pay - Wikipedia

    Google Pay (stylized as G Pay; formerly Android Pay) is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches.

  5. Braintree (company) - Wikipedia

    The concept of One Touch is based on a prior product called Venmo Touch, which was developed in conjunction with Venmo, the payment service Braintree bought in August 2012. Venmo Touch was the first one-touch mobile buying experience to hit the market.

  6. Zelle (payment service) - Wikipedia

    The Venmo account can be linked to a bank account so that necessary funds will be automatically withdrawn from there. However, funds can only be withdrawn from a Venmo account by first transferring them to a bank account and then withdrawing the money from the bank account (a process that adds an extra step and involves some additional delay ...

  7. WeChat Pay - Wikipedia

    WeChat Pay's main competitor in China and the market leader in online payments is Alibaba Group's Alipay. Alibaba company founder Jack Ma considered the red envelope feature to be a " Pearl Harbor moment", as it began to erode Alipay's historic dominance in the online payments industry in China, especially in peer-to-peer money transfer.

  8. Samsung Pay - Wikipedia

    Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics that lets users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung-produced devices. The service supports contactless payments using near-field communications (NFC), but also supports magnetic strip–only payment terminals by incorporating magnetic secure transmission.

  9. LG Pay - Wikipedia

    In South Korea, LG Pay can be used for online store payments, transportation card payments, membership cards, and to withdraw money on selected banks' ATMs. Security. LG Pay's security measures are based on LG Mobile and South Korean card companies such as Shinhan Card technologies; credit card information is stored in a secure token.