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  2. Riba - Wikipedia

    Usmani interprets the verse to mean that it is a "misconception" to believe that "whenever price is increased, taking the time of payment into consideration, the transaction comes within the definition of interest" and thus riba. Charging extra for deferred payment in a credit sale such as murâbaḥah is not riba, but late charges are.

  3. Poll tax (Great Britain) - Wikipedia

    The change from payment based on the worth of one's house to a poll tax was widely criticised as being unfair, and needlessly burdensome on those less well-off. Mass protests were co-ordinated by the All Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation, other national networks such as 3D (Don't Register, Don't Pay, Don't Collect) and by hundreds of local Anti-Poll Tax Unions (APTUs), which were not aligned to ...

  4. In just six months, 988 goes live as the shortcut to call or text the U.S. suicide hotline at a time when the pandemic is ramping up the need for mental health services. The N… international

  5. Health (band) - Wikipedia

    To promote their 2009 album, Get Color, the band held a sweepstakes contest, in which a winner of a golden ticket was awarded a free trip to Los Angeles to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain with the band. Other prizes included locks of the band members' hair and posters autographed in blood.

  6. Cedar Fair - Wikipedia

    Purchased from Six Flags in 2004 for $145 million. Closed ride side in 2007, the water park, Wildwater Kingdom, closed on September 5, 2016. Knott's Camp Snoopy: Mall of America: 1992 2005 In 2005, closed for renovation. MOA and Cedar Fair dissolved their agreement in 2006. Now operates as Nickelodeon Universe.

  7. List of Stargate games - Wikipedia

    A reproduction has now been built at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Marine World. As of 2006, Six Flags Great America no longer shows Stargate SG-3000. The contract with the park expired and the movie was pulled about a month before the season started. Stargate pinball

  8. Harold James Nicholson - Wikipedia

    Early life and education. Harold James "Jim" Nicholson was born on November 17, 1950, in Woodburn, Oregon.The son of a career Air Force officer, Nicholson found it difficult to make friends, due to his innate shyness and the constant relocation of his father's change in duty station.

  9. Madoff investment scandal - Wikipedia

    The Madoff investment scandal was a major case of stock and securities fraud discovered in late 2008. In December of that year, Bernie Madoff, the former NASDAQ chairman and founder of the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, admitted that the wealth management arm of his business was an elaborate multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme.