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  2. Dan (rank) - Wikipedia

    The dan ( 段) ranking system is used by many Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, and other martial art organizations to indicate the level of a person's ability within a given system. Used as a ranking system to quantify skill level in a specific domain, it was originally used at a Go school during the Edo period. It is now also used in most modern ...

  3. State of the art - Wikipedia

    Origin and history. The origin of the concept of "state-of-the-art" took place in the beginning of the twentieth century. The earliest use of the term "state-of-the-art" documented by the Oxford English Dictionary dates back to 1910, from an engineering manual by Henry Harrison Suplee (1856 – post 1943), an engineering graduate (University of Pennsylvania, 1876), titled Gas Turbine: progress ...

  4. Propaganda - Wikipedia

    Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I was the first ruler to utilize the power of the printing press for propaganda - in order to build his image, stir up patriotic feelings in the population of his empire (he was the first ruler who utilized one-sided battle reports – the early predecessors of modern newspapers or neue zeitungen – targeting the mass.

  5. Adobe Animate - Wikipedia

    Adobe Animate 2020 (20.0) was released in November, 2019, features a redesigned user interface, basic and expert workspaces, enhanced properties panel (tool, object, frame and doc tabs), customizable toolbar, advanced settings for onion skinning, timeline layer coloring, new GPU fluid brush, integrated hands-on tutorial, enhanced video export ...

  6. Fear of missing out - Wikipedia

    Fear of missing out ( FOMO) is the feeling of apprehension that one is either not in the know or missing out on information, events, experiences, or life decisions that could make one's life better. FOMO is also associated with a fear of regret, which may lead to concerns that one might miss an opportunity for social interaction, a novel ...

  7. Interpreter (computing) - Wikipedia

    General operation. An interpreter usually consists of a set of known commands it can execute, and a list of these commands in the order a programmer wishes to execute them. Each command (also known as an Instruction) contains the data the programmer wants to mutate, and information on how to mutate the data.

  8. Citizen journalism - Wikipedia

    Wikimania 2007 Citizen Journalism Unconference. Citizen journalism, also known as collaborative media, : 61 participatory journalism, democratic journalism, guerrilla journalism or street journalism, is based upon public citizens "playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information."

  9. Educational technology - Wikipedia

    Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as edutech, or edtech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. [1] [2] When referred to with its abbreviation, edtech, it is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology.