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  2. Vehicle registration plates of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    LTO-Authorized 6-digit temporary plate number. The temporary plate number was later issued by LTO, which has 6 digits based on where the initial purchase location of the vehicle was and its use as a PUV. (e.g. 130123 for NCR use). It is widely used due to extensive backlog of vehicle plate distribution from 2016 to 2019.

  3. History of vehicle registration plates of the Philippines

    With the Revised Motor Vehicle Law (Act No. 3992) introduced in 1933, second-generation Philippine license plates were introduced; they can be in the format of " A-B " or " P-B ", where A is an area code number (used until 1960), P is a vehicle classification prefix, and B is a 3 to 6-digit number. Sometimes single-letter suffixes were used.

  4. Number coding in Metro Manila - Wikipedia

    The Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), commonly called number coding or color coding, is a road space rationing program in the Philippines that aims to reduce traffic congestion, in particular during peak hours, by restricting the types of vehicles that can use major public roads based on the final digit of the vehicle's license plate.

  5. International vehicle registration code - Wikipedia

    The country in which a motor vehicle 's vehicle registration plate was issued may be indicated by an international licence plate country code, formerly known as an International Registration Letter [1] or International Circulation Mark. [2] It is referred to as the Distinguishing sign of the State of registration in the Geneva Convention on ...

  6. Taxis of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    Most taxicabs have yellow colored license plates, taxi signs, LTFRB Registration number, and taximeter, which is mandatory in every cab. Regulation [ edit ] Taxis during the 1990s did not have a color-coding system but in 2001, LTFRB mandated that all taxicabs should be white.

  7. Vehicle registration plate - Wikipedia

    Vehicle registration plate. Some jurisdictions license non-traditional vehicles, such as golf carts, particularly on on-road vehicles, such as this one in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate ( British English ), license plate ( US English and Canadian English ), is a metal or plastic plate attached to a ...

  8. Philippine national identity card - Wikipedia

    The Philippine Identification System ID ( PhilSys ID ), also known as the Philippine Identification Card ( PhilID; Filipino: Pambansang Pagkakakilanlan) or simply the national ID, is the official national identity card for Filipino citizens worldwide and foreign permanent residents in the Philippines. The document is a significant part of the ...