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  2. Fictitious telephone number - Wikipedia

    Fictitious numbers in (011x) and (01x1) area codes mostly end with the digits 496 0xxx, however Tyneside uses (0191) 498 0xxx. London uses 020 7946 0xxx; Cardiff uses 029 2018 0xxx; and Northern Ireland now uses 028 9649 6xxx after a previously reserved range was allocated for actual use.

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  4. National conventions for writing telephone numbers - Wikipedia

    Landline numbers in Taiwan are written with the area code in parenthesis [with phone numbers total nine digits] Example: (02) XXXX YYYY for phone numbers in Taipei area. Mobile phones have 3 digit "company code" assigned to different mobile service carriers such as (09**) XXXXXX followed by a 6 digit phone number.

  5. 555 (telephone number) - Wikipedia

    The telephone number prefix 555 is a central office code in the North American Numbering Plan, used as the leading part of a group of 10,000 telephone numbers, 555-XXXX, in each numbering plan area (NPA) (area code). It has traditionally been used only for the provision of directory assistance, when dialing NPA-555-1212.

  6. List of random number generators - Wikipedia

    However, generally they are considerably slower (typically by a factor 2-10) than fast, non-cryptographic random number generators. These include: Stream ciphers. Popular choices are Salsa20 or ChaCha (often with the number of rounds reduced to 8 for speed), ISAAC, HC-128 and RC4. Block ciphers in counter mode.

  7. Telephone numbers in Asia - Wikipedia

    Telephone numbers in Indonesia Iran: 9 +98: 00: Telephone numbers in Iran Iraq: 9 +964: 00: Telephone numbers in Iraq Israel: 9 +972: 00, 01x: Telephone numbers in Israel Japan: 8 +81: 010: Telephone numbers in Japan Jordan: 9 +962: 00: Telephone numbers in Jordan Kazakhstan: 7 +7: 8~10: Telephone numbers in Kazakhstan North Korea: 8 +850: 00 ...

  8. Telephone number - Wikipedia

    A telephone number serves as an address for switching telephone calls using a system of destination code routing. [1] Telephone numbers are entered or dialed by a calling party on the originating telephone set, which transmits the sequence of digits in the process of signaling to a telephone exchange. The exchange completes the call either to ...

  9. Telephone numbers in the Americas - Wikipedia

    The prefixes in the Americas start with one of 1,2,5. All countries in the Americas use codes that start with "5", with these exceptions: Canada, the United States and some Caribbean countries under the North American Numbering Plan use country calling code 1; and Greenland and Aruba have country calling codes starting with the digit "2", which mostly is used by countries in Africa.

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