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  2. Caller ID spoofing - Wikipedia

    If the caller name is sent with the call (instead of being generated from the number by a database lookup at destination) it may be configured as part of the settings on a client-owned analog telephone adapter or SIP phone. The level of flexibility is provider-dependent.

  3. Microsoft DNS - Wikipedia

    The Domain Name System support in Microsoft Windows NT, and thus its derivatives Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, comprises two clients and a server. Every Microsoft Windows machine has a DNS lookup client, to perform ordinary DNS lookups.

  4. Automatic number announcement circuit - Wikipedia

    The purpose of +1-areacode-555-1313, a pay-per-use "name that number" reverse lookup information service introduced in the mid-1990s, differs from ANAC. ANAC announces the caller's own number; the reverse lookup gives the directory name for a listed telephone number input by the user. 555-1313 is one of the rare uses of the 555 exchange for ...

  5. Internet geolocation - Wikipedia

    In computing, Internet geolocation is software capable of deducing the geographic position of a device connected to the Internet. For example, the device's IP address can be used to determine the country, city, or ZIP code, determining its geographical location.

  6. Charm - Wikipedia

    Charm (quantum number), the difference between the number of charm quarks and charm antiquarks in a particle; Neoregelia 'Charm', a hybrid cultivar flowering plant; Computing. Charm (programming language), devised in the 1990s, similar to RTL/2, Pascal and C; Charm++, a parallel programming language based on C++

  7. Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom are administered by the Office of Communications ().For this purpose, Ofcom established a telephone numbering plan, known as the National Telephone Numbering Plan, which is the system for assigning telephone numbers to subscriber stations.

  8. Wow - Wikipedia

    ), a U.S. ISP, internet, cable, and phone company; Wider Opportunities for Women, U.S. Women of the Wall, a Jewish women's organization; Women of the World Festival, a festival that celebrates the achievements of women and girls and also looks at the obstacles women face across the world. Women of Wrestling, a women's wrestling promotion

  9. BenQ - Wikipedia

    BenQ's first mobile phone was the M775C, which was released in 2003. During Q1 2004, eight new phones were announced, ranging from bar and clamshell phones to Windows Mobile smartphones. A further seven phones, mainly clamshells, came in 2005.