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  2. Vehicle registration plates of Malaysia - Wikipedia

    A standard Peninsular Malaysian number plate, registered in Penang and affixed on a dealership plate frame. Malaysian registration plates are displayed at the front and rear of all private and commercial motorised vehicles in Malaysia, as required by law.

  3. International vehicle registration code - Wikipedia

    The country in which a motor vehicle 's vehicle registration plate was issued may be indicated by an international licence plate country code, formerly known as an International Registration Letter [1] or International Circulation Mark. [2] It is referred to as the Distinguishing sign of the State of registration in the Geneva Convention on ...

  4. Country codes: M - Wikipedia

    4 Malaysia. 5 Maldives. 6 Mali. 7 Malta. 8 Marshall Islands. 9 Martinique (department of France) 10 Mauritania. 11 Mauritius. ... License plate code ...

  5. Talk:Vehicle registration plates of Malaysia - Wikipedia

    It is also possible to transfer old license plates for use on new cars. It is highly likely that the owner of the 'W 1' plate is either 1] the original owner, who transferred the 'W 1' number plate to a new car, or 2] the second/third/fourth etc. owner, who purchased/ bid for the number plate from the previous owner.

  6. Vehicle registration plate - Wikipedia

    Vehicle registration plate. Some jurisdictions license non-traditional vehicles, such as golf carts, particularly on on-road vehicles, such as this one in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate ( British English ), license plate ( US English and Canadian English ), is a metal or plastic plate attached to a ...

  7. Hazchem - Wikipedia

    Hazchem ( / ˈhæzkɛm /; from hazardous chemicals) [1] is a warning plate system used in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom for vehicles transporting hazardous substances, and on storage facilities. The top-left section of the plate gives the Emergency Action Code (EAC) telling the fire brigade what ...