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  2. Parti Merdeka Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Parti Merdeka Malaysia. The Malaysian Independence Party ( Malay: Parti Merdeka Malaysia, abbreviated PMM) was a political party in based in Malaysia representing established in 1989. [1] It has never contested in any general election and became a dormant party.


  4. Independence Square (Kuala Lumpur) - Wikipedia

    Independence Square (Malay: Dataran Merdeka) is a square located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.It is situated in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.It was formerly known as the Selangor Club Padang or simply the Padang (meaning "field" in Malay) and was used as the cricket green of the Selangor Club (now the Royal Selangor Club).

  5. HKBP Nommensen University - Wikipedia

    Universitas HKBP Nommensen (English: Nommensen HKBP University) a.k.a UHN is a private university with campuses located in Medan and Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The university belongs to Batak Christian Protestant Church ( Indonesian: Huria Kristen Batak Protestan a.k.a HKBP) and is named after the German Lutheran missionary ...

  6. Free Aceh Movement - Wikipedia

    Free Aceh Movement Gerakan Aceh Merdeka Flag Coat of arms Leaders Hasan di Tiro Dates of operation 4 December 1976 – 2005 Active regions City, mountains and forests of Aceh Ideology Acehnese nationalism Separatism Islamic fundamentalism Allies Libya Opponents Indonesia (until 2005) Battles and wars Insurgency in Aceh The Free Aceh Movement was a separatist group seeking independence for the ...

  7. Malaysian Independence Day parade - Wikipedia

    The Independence Day Parade ( Malay: Perarakan Hari Merdeka) is held every 31 August in commemoration of Malaya's independence. Since independence, the event has been usually held at the Independence Square in Kuala Lumpur, the original site of the first independence parade held on 1 September 1957. There were also times where the celebrations ...

  8. Presidency of Migration Management - Wikipedia

    Entrance of the building. Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) [1] (Turkish: Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı) [2] is the administrative, legislate and operational central-governmental authority responsible for overall migration and international protection affairs in Turkey. [3] It is tasked with coordination of international labor, education ...

  9. Merdeka Award - Wikipedia

    The Merdeka Award is a Malaysian award that recognises and celebrates the achievements and significant contributions of individuals to Malaysia and its people, within their respective fields. [1] The Royal Patron of the Merdeka Award Trust is the Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah. [2]