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  2. Population of Canada by province and territory - Wikipedia

    Canada is divided into 10 provinces and three territories.The majority of Canada's population is concentrated in the areas close to the Canada–US border.Its four largest provinces by area (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta) are also its most populous; together they account for 86.5% of the country's population.

  3. Mean center of the United States population - Wikipedia

    The center of population is the point at which an imaginary, weightless, rigid, and flat (no elevation effects) surface representation of the 50 states (or 48 conterminous states for calculations made prior to 1960) and the District of Columbia would balance if weights of identical size were placed on it so that each weight represented the ...

  4. List of North American cities by population - Wikipedia

    For the majority of cities in North America, the most recent official population census results, estimates or short-term projections date to 2015.This list compiles figures for all North American cities with a population within city limits exceeding 500,000 that year.

  5. List of continents and continental subregions by population

    Continent Population (2021) % of world ±% p.a. 2010–2013 World: 7.909 billion: Global, continental, and subregional totals from 1950 to 2021

  6. Population inversion - Wikipedia

    A population inversion (N 2 > N 1) has thus been achieved between level 1 and 2, and optical amplification at the frequency ν 21 can be obtained. Because at least half the population of atoms must be excited from the ground state to obtain a population inversion, the laser medium must be very strongly pumped.

  7. Lists of mammals by population - Wikipedia

    List of cetacean species with population estimates – dolphins, porpoises, whales. List of primates by population – Hominoideans (including humans and chimpanzees), lemurs, old world and new world primates. List of elephant species by population – Elephants. List of marsupials by population – Wombats, koalas and kangaroos.

  8. List of cities in Karnataka by population - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of the most populous cities in Karnataka state of India as per the 2011 census.There are 26 cities in Karnataka which have a population over 100,000.

  9. List of North American countries by population - Wikipedia

    This is a list of countries by population based on the country population estimates published by the UN, counting Greenland, which is a part of North America. The largest country by land area is Canada, and by population is the United States. The largest city by population is Mexico City. The languages most spoken are English, Spanish and French.