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  2. Intranet portal - Wikipedia

    Intranet portal is a Web-based tool that allows users to create a customized site that dynamically pulls in Internet activities and desired content into a single page. By providing a contextual framework for information, portals can bring S&T (Science and Technology) and organizational "knowledge" to the desktop. [6] Disadvantages [ edit]

  3. Marion Harding High School (Ohio) - Wikipedia

    Marion Harding High School is a public high school in Marion, Ohio.Opened in 1893 under the name Marion High School, it received its current name in 1920. It is the only high school in the Marion City School District.

  4. Captive portal - Wikipedia

    Captive portal. An example of a captive web portal used to log onto a restricted network. A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi or wired network before they are granted broader access to network resources. Captive portals are commonly used to present a landing or log-in ...

  5. Cave Johnson (Portal) - Wikipedia

    Erik Wolpaw. Voiced by. J. K. Simmons. Cave Johnson is a fictional character from the Portal franchise first introduced in the 2011 video game Portal 2. He is voiced by American actor J. K. Simmons and created in part by Portal 2 ' s designer Erik Wolpaw. He is referenced by a computer username in the first game and appears indirectly in Portal 2.

  6. Portal:Erotica and pornography - Wikipedia

    Erotica is literature or art that deals substantively with subject matter that is erotic, sexually stimulating or sexually arousing. Some critics regard pornography as a type of erotica, but many consider it to be different. Erotic art may use any artistic form to depict erotic content, including painting, sculpture, drama, film or music.

  7. Template:Portal information sidebar - Wikipedia

    Portal content templates To display "selected content" on the portal main page { { Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow }}—transcludes excerpts from recognized content lists, which are populated by a bot. { { Transclude random subpage }}—transcludes random portal subpage.

  8. Portal:Current events/How to archive the portal - Wikipedia

    The events in the sidebar on the main portal page (at Portal:Current events/Sidebar) are normally updated quite frequently, but the events in the archived sidebar for the monthly pages (e.g. Portal:Current events/July 2006/Sidebar) should also be updated once in a while.

  9. Portal frame - Wikipedia

    Portal frame is a construction technique where vertical supports are connected to horizontal beams or trusses via fixed joints with designed-in moment -resisting capacity. [1] The result is wide spans and open floors. Portal frame structures can be constructed using a variety of materials and methods.