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  2. List of How to Get Away with Murder characters - Wikipedia

    Michaela Pratt (portrayed by Aja Naomi King) is a sophisticated, confident, silver-tongued woman who aims to be as successful as Annalise is. [18] In the first season, she is engaged to Aiden Walker; however, she finds out that her fiancé had a relationship with Connor years ago in boarding school.

  3. Doom metal - Wikipedia

    Funeral doom is a genre that crosses death-doom with funeral dirge music. It is played at an extremely slow tempo, and places an emphasis on evoking a sense of emptiness and despair. [3] Typically, electric guitars are heavily distorted and dark ambient aspects such as keyboards or synthesizers are often used to create a "dreamlike" atmosphere ...

  4. Marge Schott - Wikipedia

    The Reds traditionally played the first game of the season at home. On April 1, 1996, they played the Montreal Expos. The weather was cold and blustery and it had snowed earlier in the day. Shortly after the game started, home plate umpire John McSherry called a time out and motioned towards the Reds dugout, it was later presumed, for medical ...

  5. Henry Huttleston Rogers - Wikipedia

    By this date, Charles Pratt was reaching an age to consider retirement, and he subsequently devoted much of his time and interests to activities such as founding the Pratt Institute. However, Pratt's son, Charles Millard Pratt (1858 to 1913), became Corporate Secretary of Standard Oil. As a part owner of Pratt and Company, Rogers, who was about ...

  6. Samuel Andrews (chemist) - Wikipedia

    Samuel Andrews (1836–1904) was a chemist and inventor.Born in England, he immigrated to the United States before the American Civil War and settled in Cleveland, Ohio.He is best known as a partner in the oil refining firm of Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler, the major predecessor company of the Standard Oil corporate empire.

  7. Henry Clay Folger - Wikipedia

    Beginning in 1881, he worked for the Standard Oil trust of John D. Rockefeller, getting his start in the oil business as a clerk at Charles Pratt & Company, a refinery owned by Charles Pratt, the father of his Adelphi and Amherst classmate Charles Millard Pratt. The Pratt Company was already associated with Standard Oil at that time.

  8. Parks and Recreation (season 7) - Wikipedia

    Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, a goofy, dim-witted but lovable slacker. Pratt was originally intended to be a guest star and the character Andy was initially meant to appear only in the first season, but the producers liked Pratt so much that, almost immediately after casting him, they decided to make him a regular cast member starting with season two.

  9. Apostolic succession (LDS Church) - Wikipedia

    If and when he does so, he counsels together with the Twelve on this matter. According to the pattern established when Spencer W. Kimball became the church president in the early 1970s, the Twelve meet to discuss the issue of reorganization on the Sunday following the funeral services held for the previous church president.