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  2. Postterm pregnancy - Wikipedia

    Due dates are easily miscalculated when the mother is unsure of her last menstrual period. When there is a miscalculation, the baby could be delivered before or after the expected due date. [23] Postmature births can also be attributed to irregular menstrual cycles.

  3. Estimated date of delivery - Wikipedia

    The estimated date of delivery (EDD), also known as expected date of confinement, and estimated due date or simply due date, is a term describing the estimated delivery date for a pregnant woman. Normal pregnancies last between 38 and 42 weeks. Children are delivered on their expected due date about 4% of the time.

  4. False pregnancy - Wikipedia

    False pregnancy (or pseudocyesis, from the Greek pseudes "false" and kyesis "pregnancy") is the appearance of clinical or subclinical signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy although the individual is not physically carrying a baby.

  5. Smoking and pregnancy - Wikipedia

    Effects of smoking during pregnancy on the child after birth Low birth weight. Smoking during pregnancy can result in lower birth weight as well as deformities in the fetus. Smoking nearly doubles the risk of low birthweight babies. In 2004, 11.9% of babies born to smokers had low birthweight as compared to only 7.2% of babies born to nonsmokers.

  6. Hypercoagulability in pregnancy - Wikipedia

    Venous stasis may occur at the end of the first trimester, due to enhanced compliance of the vessel walls by a hormonal effect. Also, pregnancy can cause hypercoagulability by other factors, e.g. the prolonged bed rest that often occurs post partum that occurs in case of delivery by forceps, vacuum extractor or Caesarean section.

  7. Teenage pregnancy in the United States - Wikipedia

    This unintended pregnancy rate is higher than the total teenage pregnancy rate in all of the four countries. In 2010 there was a rate of 57 pregnancies per 1,000 girls aged 15–19. Most of those girls reported that it was an unplanned pregnancy. This shows a 15% drop in pregnancies from 2008 to 2010.

  8. Due Date - Wikipedia

    Due Date is a 2010 American black comedy road film directed by Todd Phillips, who wrote the screenplay with Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, and Adam Sztykiel.The film follows a man (Robert Downey Jr.) who must get across the country to Los Angeles in time for the birth of his child and is forced to road-trip with an aspiring actor (Zach Galifianakis).

  9. Pomalidomide - Wikipedia

    Structure-activity studies revealed that amino substituted thalidomide had improved antitumor activity, which was due to its ability to directly inhibit both the tumor cell and vascular compartments of myeloma cancers. This dual activity of pomalidomide makes it more efficacious than thalidomide in vitro and in vivo. Mechanism of action