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  2. Multiplication table - Wikipedia

    Multiplication table. In mathematics, a multiplication table (sometimes, less formally, a times table) is a mathematical table used to define a multiplication operation for an algebraic system. The decimal multiplication table was traditionally taught as an essential part of elementary arithmetic around the world, as it lays the foundation for ...

  3. Mathematics - Wikipedia

    Mathematics is an area of knowledge that includes the topics of numbers, formulas and related structures, shapes and the spaces in which they are contained, and quantities and their changes. These topics are represented in modern mathematics with the major subdisciplines of number theory, [1] algebra, [2] geometry, [1] and analysis, [3] [4 ...

  4. List of types of numbers - Wikipedia

    Ternary: The base-three numeral system with 0, 1, and 2 as digits. Quaternary: The base-four numeral system with 0, 1, 2, and 3 as digits. Hexadecimal: Base 16, widely used by computer system designers and programmers, as it provides a more human-friendly representation of binary-coded values.

  5. Multiplication - Wikipedia

    The division of a number other than 0 by itself equals 1. Multiplication is also defined for other types of numbers, such as complex numbers, and for more abstract constructs, like matrices. For some of these more abstract constructs, the order in which the operands are multiplied together matters.

  6. Subtraction - Wikipedia

    Subtraction is an operation that represents removal of objects from a collection. [1] For example, in the adjacent picture, there are 5 − 2 peaches—meaning 5 peaches with 2 taken away, resulting in a total of 3 peaches. Therefore, the difference of 5 and 2 is 3; that is, 5 − 2 = 3.

  7. Numeral prefix - Wikipedia

    Numeral prefix. Numeral or number prefixes are prefixes derived from numerals or occasionally other numbers. In English and many other languages, they are used to coin numerous series of words. For example: unicycle, bicycle, tricycle (1-cycle, 2-cycle, 3-cycle) dyad, triad (2 parts, 3 parts) biped, quadruped (2 legs, 4 legs)

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    related to: printable number 1-10 worksheet