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  2. Rod Ferrell - Wikipedia

    The killings. On November 25, 1996, Naomi Ruth Queen and Richard Wendorf were found by their daughter Jennifer Wendorf, beaten to death in their Eustis home. While 49-year-old Richard Wendorf was asleep on his couch and Ruth was in the shower, Ferrell and accomplice Howard Scott Anderson had entered the home through the unlocked garage, picking up the murder weapon, a crowbar.

  3. Password strength - Wikipedia

    Most password managers can automatically create strong passwords using a cryptographically secure random password generator, as well as calculating the entropy of the generated password. A good password manager will provide resistance against attacks such as key logging , clipboard logging and various other memory spying techniques.

  4. A password generator creates long, random passwords and keeps track of them, protecting you from hackers. Share passwords and notes with friends and family who use LastPass, for convenience or in case of emergency. Securely backup and store important information, from insurance cards to tax returns, passports and photo IDs.

  5. HMAC - Wikipedia

    In 2006, Jongsung Kim, Alex Biryukov, Bart Preneel, and Seokhie Hong showed how to distinguish HMAC with reduced versions of MD5 and SHA-1 or full versions of HAVAL, MD4, and SHA-0 from a random function or HMAC with a random function. Differential distinguishers allow an attacker to devise a forgery attack on HMAC.

  6. Chaturbate - Wikipedia

    Chaturbate Chaturbate logo Type of site Adult website, live streaming, webcam Available in Multilingual (15) Founded 2011 Headquarters 200 Goddard, Irvine, California, U.S. Area served Worldwide, except blocking countries Industry Adult camming Parent Multi Media LLC URL Advertising Yes Registration Optional Launched February 26, 2011 ; 10 years ago (2011-02-26) Current status ...

  7. Wi-Fi Protected Access - Wikipedia

    In 2016 it was shown that the WPA and WPA2 standards contain an insecure expository random number generator (RNG). Researchers showed that, if vendors implement the proposed RNG, an attacker is able to predict the group key (GTK) that is supposed to be randomly generated by the access point (AP). Additionally, they showed that possession of the ...

  8. Hash function - Wikipedia

    Chains may be kept in random order and searched linearly, or in serial order, or as a self-ordering list by frequency to speed up access. In open address hashing , the table is probed starting from the occupied slot in a specified manner, usually by linear probing , quadratic probing , or double hashing until an open slot is located or the ...

  9. Password Safe - Wikipedia

    Password Safe can encrypt any file using a key derived from a passphrase provided by the user through the command-line interface. Password generator. The software features a built-in password generator that generates random passwords. The user may also designate parameters for password generation (length, character set, etc.), creating a "Named ...