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  2. Trump derangement syndrome - Wikipedia

    Trump derangement syndrome ( TDS) is a pejorative term, usually for criticism or negative reactions to former United States president Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and presumed to have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration. [1]

  3. Tabular Data Stream - Wikipedia

    Tabular Data Stream. Tabular Data Stream ( TDS) is an application layer protocol used to transfer data between a database server and a client. It was initially designed and developed by Sybase Inc. for their Sybase SQL Server relational database engine in 1984, and later by Microsoft in Microsoft SQL Server .

  4. Tower defense - Wikipedia

    Tower defense ( TD) is a subgenre of strategy games where the goal is to defend a player's territories or possessions by obstructing the enemy attackers or by stopping enemies from reaching the exits, usually achieved by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack. [1]

  5. Telephone and Data Systems - Wikipedia

    Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. is a Chicago -based telecommunications service company providing wireless products and services; cable and wireline broadband, TV and voice services; and hosted and managed services to approximately 6 million customers nationwide through its business units TDS Telecom and U.S. Cellular ( NYSE : USM) and OneNeck ...

  6. List of Super Bowl records - Wikipedia

    Tom Brady New England vs. Philadelphia, LII. Most passing yards, quarter, 228 (second) Doug Williams – Washington vs. Denver, XXII. Longest pass, 85 yards (TD) Jake Delhomme (to Muhsin Muhammad) – Carolina vs. New England, XXXVIII. Fewest passing yards by a Super Bowl MVP, 119.

  7. Retro Studios - Wikipedia

    Retro Studios. Retro Studios, Inc. is an American video game developer and subsidiary of Nintendo based in Austin, Texas. The studio is best known for its work on the Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country series, and has contributed to several other Nintendo-developed projects, such as Mario Kart 7 . Retro was founded on September 21, 1998, as ...

  8. Retro style - Wikipedia

    Retro clothing style, new Mini with old styling, retro transport (replica penny farthing bicycles) Retro style is imitative or consciously derivative of lifestyles, trends, or art forms from history, including in music, modes, fashions, or attitudes. In popular culture, the " nostalgia cycle" is typically for the two decades that begin 20–30 ...