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  2. Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia,_Saudi_Arabia

    1234. ISO 3166 code. SA-04. The Eastern Province ( Arabic: المنطقة الشرقية al-Mintaqah ash-Sharqīyah ), also known as the Eastern Region, is the easternmost of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. It is the nation's largest province by area and the third most populous after the Riyadh and Mecca provinces. In 2017, the population was ...

  3. Al-Kharj - Wikipedia

    Al-Kharj. /  24.148333°N 47.305000°E  / 24.148333; 47.305000. Kharj ( Arabic: الخرج) is a governorate in central Saudi Arabia. It is one of the important governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located in the southeast of the capital Riyadh, it covers an area of 19,790 km2 ~ 4,890,215.5 acres, and has a population of 376,325 ...

  4. Provinces of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    The provinces of Saudi Arabia, also known as regions, (Arabic: مناطق المملكة العربية السعودية, romanized: Manāṭiq al-Mamlakat il-'Arabiyyat il-Sa'udiyyah), are the 13 first-level administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  5. List of hospitals in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Security Forces Hospital - Riyadh [8] Al Iman General Hospital - Riyadh. Al Yamama Hospital - Riyadh. Dallah Hospital - Riyadh [9] Green Crescent Hospital - Riyadh [10] Specialized Medical Center Hospital - Riyadh [11] Saudi German Hospital - Riyadh [12] Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Complex in Olaya - Riyadh.

  6. Al-Qassim Province - Wikipedia

    The province is located in the center of Saudi Arabia approximately 400 km (250 mi) northwest of Riyadh, the capital. It is bordered by Riyadh Region to the south and east, by Ha'il Region to the north, and by Al Madinah Region to the west. The region is connected to almost every part of Saudi Arabia by a very complicated network of highways.

  7. Riyadh Province - Wikipedia

    The Riyadh Province ( Arabic: منطقة الرياض Manṭiqat ar-Riyāḍ ), also known as the Riyadh Region, is a province of Saudi Arabia, located in the geographic center of the country and the center of the Arabian Peninsula. It has an area of 404,240 km 2 (156,080 sq mi) and with a 2022 population of 8,591,748, [2] it is the second ...

  8. Ministry of Commerce (Saudi Arabia) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Commerce ( MC; Arabic: وزارة التجارة) is a cabinet-level government ministry of Saudi Arabia responsible for both commerce and investment sectors in the kingdom. [1] Its responsibilities include the development and implementation of policies and mechanisms that govern the sectors of commerce and Investment. [1]

  9. General Entertainment Authority - Wikipedia

    The General Entertainment Authority ( GEA) ( Arabic: الهيئة العامة للترفيه, romanized : Al-Hayʾah al-ʿĀmmah li-t-Tarfīh ), formerly the General Authority for Entertainment (GAE), [1] is a government department in Saudi Arabia that regulates the entertainment industry of the country. Established in May 2016 through a royal ...