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  2. Rufus (software) - Wikipedia

    Rufus (The Reliable USB Formatting Utility, with Source) is a free and open-source portable application for Microsoft Windows that can be used to format and create bootable USB flash drives or Live USBs.

  3. List of tools to create bootable USB - Wikipedia

    Rufus: Pete Batard GNU GPL v3: Yes No Windows Anything SliTaz TazUSB: SliTaz GNU GPL v3: Yes No SliTaz GNU/Linux: SliTaz GNU/Linux: Ubuntu Live USB creator: Canonical Ltd: GNU GPL v3: Yes No Ubuntu, Windows Ubuntu UNetbootin: Geza Kovacs GNU GPL v2+ Yes No Linux, macOS, Windows Anything Universal USB Installer (UUI) Pendrivelinux GNU GPL: Yes ...

  4. Rufus (band) - Wikipedia

    Rufus is an American funk band from Chicago, Illinois, best known for launching the career of lead singer Chaka Khan. They had several hits throughout their career, including " Tell Me Something Good ", " Sweet Thing ", " Do You Love What You Feel " and " Ain't Nobody ".

  5. Rufus Wainwright discography - Wikipedia

    The discography of Rufus Wainwright, a Canadian-American singer-songwriter, consists of eleven studio albums, six live albums, three compilations, three extended plays (EPs), three video albums, nine singles, and nine music videos. Wainwright's self-titled debut album was released through DreamWorks Records in May 1998.

  6. Ventoy - Wikipedia

    Ventoy is a free and open-source utility used for creating bootable usb media storage device with files such as .iso, .wim, .img, .vhd (x), and .efi files. Once Ventoy is installed onto a USB drive, there is no need to reformat the disk to update it with new installation files; it is enough to copy the .iso, .wim, .img, .vhd (x), or .efi file ...

  7. Rufus - Wikipedia

    Rufus (born 1942), stage name of Italian-French actor Jacques Narcy. Rufus (Roman cognomen), list of people who had one of the most common of the ancient Roman cognomina. King William II of England (1050s–1100), called "William Rufus". Alan Rufus (c. 1040–1089), companion of William the Conqueror.

  8. Universal USB Installer - Wikipedia

    Universal USB Installer ( UUI) is an open-source live Linux USB flash drive creation software. It allows users to create a bootable live USB flash drive using an ISO image from a supported Linux distribution, antivirus utility, system tool, or Microsoft Windows installer.

  9. Windows To Go - Wikipedia

    Windows To Go is a feature in Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise versions prior to the May 2020 update, that allows the system to boot and run from certain USB mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives which have been certified by Microsoft as compatible ...

  10. Live USB - Wikipedia

    Various applications exist to create live USBs; examples include Universal USB Installer, Rufus, Fedora Live USB Creator, and UNetbootin. There are also software applications available that can be used to create a Multiboot live USB; some examples include YUMI Multiboot Bootable USB Creator and Ventoy.

  11. UEFI - Wikipedia

    They can use different I/O protocols, but SPI is the most common. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ( UEFI, / ˈjuːɪfaɪ / or as an acronym) [b] is a specification that defines the architecture of the platform firmware used for booting the computer hardware and its interface for interaction with the operating system.