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  2. California Department of Tax and Fee Administration - Wikipedia

    The department handles the vast majority of California's sales, use and excise tax assessment, auditing and collection. It also collects the 1.25% Bradley-Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax and various 'district taxes'. Sales & use tax; Alcoholic Beverage Tax (contracted to administer on behalf of the Board of Equalization) California Tire Fee

  3. Taxation in California - Wikipedia

    The California excise tax on gasoline as of mid-2011 is 35.7 cents per gallon for motor fuel plus a 2.25% sales and use tax, 13 cents per gallon for diesel plus a 9.12% sales and use tax. [37] The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration provides an online list of sales taxes in the local communities of the state.

  4. California State Board of Equalization - Wikipedia

    The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is a public agency charged with tax administration and fee collection in the state of California in the United States.The authorities of the Board attempt to ensure that counties fairly assess property taxes, collect excises taxes on alcoholic beverages, administer the insurance tax program, and other tax collection related activities.

  5. Column: Lots of complaining about California's tax system ...

    Here’s a more familiar example of the volatility: In the 2022 tax year, during a bear market on Wall Street, the top 1% of California earners paid 38.7% of the state personal income tax.

  6. Sales taxes in the United States - Wikipedia

    Currently, the majority of Utah's aggregate sales taxes are in the range of 6.1 – 8.35%. Utah has a 16.350% sales tax on rental cars in Salt Lake City. [192] The sales tax on food and food ingredients is 3.0% statewide. This includes the state rate of 1.75%, local option rate of 1.0% and county option rate of 0.25%.

  7. California Franchise Tax Board - Wikipedia

    In 1879, California adopted its state constitution which among many other programs created the State Board of Equalization and the State Controller, which administered all tax programs. [1] In 1929, the state legislature created the office of the Franchise Tax Commissioner to administer California's Bank and Corporation Franchise Tax Act.

  8. Betty Yee - Wikipedia

    Betty Yee. Betty T. Yee (born October 19, 1957) [1] is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who served as California State Controller from 2015 to 2023. She previously served as a member of the California Board of Equalization from 2004 to 2015. She won the open seat for Controller in the 2014 election, with 54% of the vote ...

  9. Sales tax - Wikipedia

    A sales tax is a tax paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. Usually laws allow the seller to collect funds for the tax from the consumer at the point of purchase. When a tax on goods or services is paid to a governing body directly by a consumer, it is usually called a use tax. Often laws provide for the exemption ...

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